This is to pay tribute to all mothers who painstakingly accept the challenges of Motherhood. It’s not easy but it’s worth all the pain and sacrifice. To all freelancing moms who gave up the corporate world for a much greater cause, your sacrifice is not vain. So here’s a tribute to all moms to let them know that they are worth more than anything.


You are more than the scars on your belly.

You think that an inch of your beauty is lost because of your stretch marks.  Anxiety is consuming your sanity; leaving you desperate to go for unnatural ways of beauty regimen. But beauty is evinced more than the physical attributes. Those marks on your belly are the evidence of strength and courage. You carry a little angel for nine months and you bear the excruciating pain of giving birth. They are but a living testament of how brave you are to have surpassed everything.


 You are more than the dark linings in our eyes.

You can cover them with glasses and make ups but do not cover your eyes from the truth that you are a great mother. Sleepless nights might have caused eye bags and tired eyes but they are just to show the expense of sacrifice that a mother can give. It is a complete state of unselfishness which you give up your own comfort just to provide warmth to the baby who needs your touch.


 You are more than the callous on your hands.

Do not hide those hand nor be ashamed of them. They are a tribute to the years of hard work. You have been so great in doing the laundry, watching over the kids, working for a living, cleaning the house and taking care of your husband. Though your once soft and delicate hands have changed to a rough, dull, with noticeable linings like hands which have suffered much pain, it doesn’t change the fact that you are worth praising. You have dressed with strength and that makes you even more beautiful.


You are more than how the world defines you.

Do not let other people define who you are. For if you let them, you might lose your identity and confidence. Look at yourself in the mirror and look at yourself how God sees you. You are worth more than prestige in the society, more than polished nails, more than a scar-free skin, more than a 24-inch waistline, more than a shiny, long, straight hair. You are a mother. You are a vessel of change and a molder of the next generation. You have the greatest worth.


You are more than just being called “Mother”

Nothing is ever worthy than being a “mother”. Although others might have taken the title lightly, you’ve got one of the highest callings of all. Lies in your hands the future and well-being of the young minds. Whether you are a working mom, a work-at-home mom, a full-time mom, you deserve our deepest respect for the years of hard work and sacrifice.

We appreciate you, Mothers!

Happy Mothers Day!