Starter Story Features Filipino Virtual Assistance Owners

Training Virtual Assistants is the primary reason why FVA exists and is always thriving. Our business has been facing many challenges, but it did not discourage us from fulfilling our mission. It was when the pandemic hit when becoming a Virtual Assistant became in demand. That’s why many transitioned to become one even if they don’t know anything about it. The FVA team then maximized and leveraged holistic efforts to make our students learn competent Virtual Assistant skills. Also, we equipped them with the right attitude and mindset for them to sustain their long-term freelancing careers.

Similarly, various entrepreneurs aspire to start a business offering virtual assistant courses online. Since then, Pat from Starter Story has reached out to us. He invited us to share the FVA’s story, from start-up to a successful FVA.

On February 4, 2021, Starter Story featured the Filipino Virtual Assistance owners. There, we shared the small beginning and the “deepest whys” of FVA.

What is A Starter Story 

Pat Walls founded Starter Story way back on November 01, 2017. He was inspired to create a niche blog after failing his previous business. The starter story’s early stage was a bit hard, but the stories became an inspiration to others through hard work and dedication. He launched Starter Story with three inspiring business stories from his close friends. And with his consistent efforts plus belief that he can make it, his actions are starting to reap excellent outcomes. As a result, the site reached 300,000 visitors in just one year. And by featuring a “zero to hero” journey of successful entrepreneurs, it empowers determined entrepreneurs to start their businesses. The site is also perfect for promoting any business, especially companies leveraging their digital marketing efforts.

FVA shares the beginning of training virtual assistants

Because the site aims to equip others with the needed resources and with the help of the FVA’s journey, the site developed an instant and holistic guideline to start a business- providing Virtual Assistants training.


We shared:

About the Company

FVA has been offering both online and offline training, coaching, and workshops for different brands globally. Before, we have been training virtual assistants alone. Currently, we are now equipping freelancers, empowering marketers, and enabling businesses to become digitally savvy.  

Furthermore, we shared the three arms of FVA, namely FVA Online Academy, FVA Services, and FVA Franchising. 

Coming up with the idea

Due to my husband’s and my freelancing experience, we realized that our lives’ quality is improved. By looking at the “big picture,” we decided to share the blessings of freelancing. We saw the potential of freelancing in alleviating poverty. And with the benefit of working in the comfort of our homes, we foresee that no more Filipinos will go abroad to earn a living. There will be unlimited opportunities for skillful individuals even not College graduates.

Building the product

We started FVA with our freelancing course. This course caters the holistic resources for students starting from “zero” knowledge. Our primary resources in building our online courses are through:

  1. Research
  2. Books from great authors
  3. Podcasts from influencers
  4. 10-year freelancing experience

Growing the business

When it comes to increasing FVA, one effective strategy is to provide great value to our students. We listen to their pain points, and we offer them output-based tasks to gain skills and experience. Another one is by embracing them in our FVA family. Through that community, aspiring Virtual Assistants, marketers, and business owners will be able to network. Plus, FVA always strives to produce exemplary students where we don’t stop until they land their first client.

Other details like:

  • Revenue + Financials
  • Lessons Learned
  • Recommended Tools
  • Books & Resources
  • Advice for founders
  • Specific positions that need to fill in
  • Social Media Profiles

FVA supports freelancers, marketers, and business owners to gain a competitive edge in the digital world. We are continuously working hard to meet digital needs. 

We would love to have you and join the 30,000+ students and graduates around the globe. FVA is here:

  • Equipping Freelancers 
  • Empowering Marketers, and  
  • Enabling Businesses

We are looking forward to helping!

Proof that our online courses work? Check this feedback from our students/graduates.

We are here to improve your life. I hope these simple gestures will spell brilliant success for you and your family this year. We may experience difficulties because of the pandemic, but let’s TAKE COURAGE that everything will be bright at the end of the tunnel.




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