Top 5 Reasons Why Freelancers Quit Freelancing desires to encourage a heart check on our whys are freelancers. No one starts with the plan to quit, but sadly, the thought of a regular job, salary and health benefits that come with a job is tempting. Many also come to freelancing thinking this is an overnight success. When they find out that this requires hard work and a lot of self-growth, they give up easily. There is blessing in freelancing. I hope this article “Top 5 Reasons Why Freelancers Quit Freelancing” will help us identify what are our motivations in transitioning freelancing and what’s keeping us from not winning!

1.) Bankruptcy

Part of the reason why you jump into freelancing was to meet your financial needs. When your freelancing projects don’t help you to achieve that, it will put you down. One of the reasons why some freelancers go back to employment, as they are unable to handle the nature of freelancing.

2. When you get application rejections

Rejections lead to uncertainty on the part of the freelancer as they are not sure of where to get their future income, which makes them desperate to get a job to sustain their lives. They get emotional and financial stress when they have repeatedly rejected, that’s why they tend to quit and seek employment again and back to 8 to 5 jobs

3.) Social Peer Pressure

Some might just hype with societal pressure, relatives, and colleagues as they are earning lucrative amounts that’s why they are venturing into freelancing but they didn’t know how hard when you start freelancing, however with the right mindset and hard work you will succeed. Do not jump into freelancing if you just swayed by your friends, relatives, and colleague. If you do, you’ll certainly quit the world of freelancing and seek out other means of employment.

4.) Treating freelancing as a hobby

Treat freelancing as a real job. Until you start treating it like one, you cannot work on your client’s projects when you’re in the mood or if you just want to work, you need to motivate yourself and self-discipline are key in this business to be successful.  Without that attitude, you will seek to find employment for that regular salary.

5.) Jump into freelancing with the wrong attitude

Many freelancers jump into freelancing without any knowledge and not doing some research if what is freelancing all about, as they just want to earn a lucrative amount. Do some research and find out which skill set you can bring to the marketplace, as long as you have the passion you will succeed. Most freelancers quit when things don’t work out as quickly, as they aren’t making a lot of money they thought they would earn a bunch of money within a short period of time.


The freelancing world is not always greener sometimes you will win and you may lose. The risks and stress should become your motivation to succeed. Freelancing is for the one who has guts and not for the faint-hearted. Familiarize all the ins and outs, research a niche that you can offer in the market and don’t be frustrated when you encounter a lot of challenges just keep moving forward and don’t quit easily.

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