There are common things you’ll be asked that you can prepare in advance in order to nail in freelancing hiring.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” This is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin that can be applied in all areas of our lives.

With freelancing, readiness for the freelancing hiring will spell a better chance to be HIRED as a virtual assistant, than just depending on your applications on luck.

Thus, here are 10 things we noticed most business owners and hiring agencies are often asking when they post a job opportunity via our Facebook Group, FILIPINO VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS. Watch the video on how you can nail these preparations!

1. Resume

When applying for a job, you will be asked to provide a RESUME. It is a document where it shows your credibility, skills, educational attainment, work experience and other details that will tell the clients your expertise. Most of the time, clients will base their hiring decision with your resume because everything in there will make the client decide whether you’re fit for the job or not.

Make sure that whatever you put in your resume is tailor-fit to the client’s needs.

2. Application Letter

 Another one is your application letter, this is your letter of intent where you express interest in open communication, and you will convey the things that you can do.

In your application letter, you will be mentioning your vision and mission. Also, you will be showcasing your capacity to be qualified for the position.

3. Portfolios

Also, portfolios are another usual thing that you will provide during freelancing hiring.  This is a compilation of your work samples and a professional document that provides proof of your accomplishments or the output of your skills.

The main purpose of your Portfolios is to show off that you know how to do the tasks. You can do this by providing sample work through screenshots or links.

4. Growths

Growth is very important to clients because most of the clients are looking for a freelancer to grow with. During the interview, clients will be asking your future plans as a freelancer.

Also, growth can be the analytics and insights into your growth potential. For the client to hire you, you must ensure that you have the skills to make the client’s business grow.

5. Recordings

Another usual thing is a video or audio recording of yourself. Example of this is when you are applying for a real estate assistant. The clients will ask you to provide one-minute audio or video selling something, customer service or anything that the client or hiring agency will ask you to do.

6. Certificates

These are credentials that professionals earned. It symbolizes professionalism, legitimacy and competence in fulfilling the job. The certificate will verify that you are trained, completed a training and prepared for any specific role.

7. Tests

During freelancing hiring, the client will be asking you to answer different tests. Oftentimes, other clients or real estate agencies created specific types of tests tailored to fit the position.

This can be a typing Speed Test, DISC Personality Test, Internet Speed Test, English Proficiency Test, and many more.

You must prepare ahead. To do this, you can take these tests ahead of time because it requires time to accomplish each task.

8. Interview

It is important that before your interview, you should prepare and familiarize yourself with some questions. You must personalize your answers while presenting yourself well. You need to be on top of your answers, and you need to prepare in delivering your answers.

This is a test for communication skills, internet speed, and even coming to the interview on time.

Here are six interview questions and how to answer them effectively.

9. Hourly Rate/Pay

Talking about your hourly rate, you must evaluate yourself at the best hourly rate that you feel productive and reward at the same time. To know more about charging your clients, you can watch this video for the guide.

10. Availability

During freelancing hiring, one of the common things that the client will ask is your availability.

Always be honest in telling your client about your available time in rendering your services. And, tell the client your remaining number of hours available to work with the client.

After watching, prepare all these in a Google Drive or a folder on your desktop and start applying. It will be easier to send these when asked by the hiring manager because you are already ready.

Now that you learned the tips during freelancing hiring, are you ready to start your freelancing career?

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