The Most Common Skills of a Virtual Assistant

1. Data Entry or Internet Research 

A Data entry clerk is similar to a typist, is a member of staff employed to enter or update into a computer system database, often from paper documents using a keyboard, optical scanner or data recorder.

If you know how to upload your photos using Facebook this is one of the tasks. Another is transferring information from a word document to an online site of database.

You probably somehow use the internet in researching information, this is also one of the tasks, and you’ll get paid for it just by organizing this into a spreadsheet. Research is exactly what it sounds like. You get small projects where you simply have to research a topic and provide information about it. Example if you want to cook pinakbet and you don’t know how you research to get all the ingredients needed. The only difference is that if you work for a client, you put it in the record through copy pasting using powerful online tools like the google drive to organize all your research.

As you see, it doesn’t require you to have a specific expertise to do this task. Clients usually hires a VA to do all these task because although these are important, it is time consuming for them. Hiring a VA to help them, actually saves  a lot of time so they can focus on the most important task in their business.

If you know how to use the internet and type information, then that is a good skill that you can use to start as a VA.

2. Email Management

Email management is a specific field of communications management for managing high volumes of inbound electronic mail received by organizations.  Usually, they hire a VA to help them categorize in their emails which are important once or not, which is a newsletter or spams. An example of which is FIlipino Virtual assistant Company where we receive a high volume of messages in a day, so we need to hire a VA to organize it by assigning it into folders.

3. Appointment and Calendar Management

Like any other businesses, online business owners often have meetings with different people.  They hire a VA often to help them organize their business or personal meetings through their online calendar and coordinate these meetings through any means like, email and video and phone calls. Other task is to track meetings and create events.

4. Social Media Management

It is the time of age where we use many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube, Instagram, Google+ Pinterest, Snapchat. And guess what, each of these sites has millions and millions of people visiting it. Thus, if businesses target these people, they can get generate leads to buy their products or services and hence, their business will grow faster. Clients hire a Virtual assistant to help them manage their campaigns in these sites. And since Filipinos are known to be Social media addicts, this is the perfect time to use this to earn money online.

5.  Content Creation and Management

Ever wonder why there are so many people makes blogs and vlogs nowadays? It’s because these are two of the strategic marketing approach to attract customers. Content marketing is very crucial in the success of a business because through this, it catches potential customers, generate leads, create engagement which turn a reader or a follower to a potential client. It ultimately drives profitable customer action.
If you like writing, then this could be a job for you to get started working online.

Now, these are just 5 of the most popular Virtual Assistant jobs in the Philippines. Now if you are an artist, or a designer, a speaker, customer service representative, teacher, nursing care, mother, and I can name everything, you already have the skills to get started.  If you know how to read the email, and browse facebook, and post your picture, then you can definitely use that to start working as a freelancer.

Analyn Mauri
Filipino Virtual Assistant Coach(China)

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