The DREAMS METHOD by Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner is an effective tactic that can be used in establishing your freelancing business. A lot of successful freelancers desire to establish and turn their virtual assistance services into a business or agency. Therefore, if this is your dream, try the DREAMS Method.

Apply and ensure that you are going to follow the methods in launching effectively your freelancing business. With this method, you can be able to generate more revenue, help more people, easily accomplish your goals, have greater confidence, and gain more recognition. In addition, it gives you freedom, receives invites on peoples podcast, an invitation to speak on live stages or lucrative book deals.

The D-R-E-A-M-S Method in freelancing starts for:

1. Depict

To depict means to identify the niche and the main services that you will be providing to your clients. Similarly, it is outlining the potentials, opportunities as well as the challenges and struggles that you will encounter.

Moreover, in this stage, you will be identifying what you want to achieve in your business, and how will you transform it into a relevant one. Above all, you need to list all of it, think and ensure that your freelancing goals are identified well.

2. Research

In this element of DREAMS method, you identify your potential customers like local business owners, brand agencies, artists, podcasters, YouTubers and many more. In addition,  you are ensuring the possibilities of launching your freelancing business.

As such, you will be determining your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses and you will thrive to make a difference to your customers.

For your business to make a difference to your customers, you must provide immediate solutions to their problems. And, for you to be able to come up with the solutions, you need to study the pain points of your customers.

3. Experiment

In the experimentation stage, you will be building your brand. To do this you must be trained, you need to gather all your portfolios, and you need to create your online presence.

For you to test the water in the freelancing business industry, you have to start somewhere and be established. Another thing that you will be doing is to create packages and rates as well as the services that you will provide. You can also offer your services to the natural market and ask for feedback in return. These natural markets can be your friend, relatives, or anyone in the local area that you can provide services for FREE.

4. Augment

In this stage, you are going to improve and make it better. After experimentation, adjust and ensure what works better for your business. For you to identify which segment to adjust, you need to evaluate which of your strategies are effective and which are not. You will then create your operations and supplement it with portfolios as proofs.

Bear in mind that you need to show consistency with your strategies as well as your business processes.

5. Make

This DREAM method element is where the real launch of freelancing business services is happening. This is the time where you will show up to the world and create a name for yourself. To do this effectively, you must be consistent in creating great content and promoting your business to your real customers.

To do marketing effectively, you can maximize the capabilities of social media platforms in advertising your freelancing business.

6. Sync

In this step, you will be working with the right people. You can do this by creating partnership, network and connect with your fellow freelancers, and business agency owners to work together.
Through this collaboration with other freelancers, you will create an impact and provide change to your customers.

These six stages of the DREAM method is essential to the success of your freelancing business. Incorporating this method will not just make your business thrive but, will also make your business competitive.

In launching your freelancing services business, always remember that you don’t need to become a shameless self-promoter, you don’t need to be flashy and pushy, and you don’t have to be outgoing or an extrovert.

Watch this video on how you can apply this method into your #freelancing today!

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