To be successful in 2021 is the biggest challenge that everyone is facing. One of the reasons for the challenge was the crucial points experienced by many. But, when critical issues happened, it doesn’t mean that everyone should stop breathing. Many were blossoming last year. When it comes to being resilient and adaptive to the current trends, many of them have managed effectively.

Do you see becoming successful in 2021 as a big challenge?

This year is a new opportunity to re-write last year and achieve growth in any field. You may be a freelancer, marketer, or business owner. This year is the perfect moment to make a difference.

We have been training freelancers, marketers, and business owners on leveraging their online presence to be more successful and achieve the goals in their lives.

Allow me to share with you 10 points that will make you successful this year.

Ten Points to be Successful in 2021

1. Get up and work.

Most of the time, we encounter series of ups and downs, and no matter what we do, it always haunts us. And sometimes, if we allow, these challenges will keep us from reaching our goals.

But, to be successful in 2021, you need to get up and work. No matter how emotional you are, you must have the dedication to thrive. It would also be best if you are consistent in the things you want to achieve in this world.

2. Stop making excuses.

One common reason for our unproductiveness is our excuses. We make excuses because we fear and we don’t want to take the challenge. We always stay where we are comfortable.

But, this year, allow me to challenge you to make things happen. Have courage and take steps little by little towards your goals.

3. Stop playing small (or a victim).

Like making excuses, thinking you don’t deserve this, and feeling you are not worth it are a few indications that you are playing small. You think you don’t have what it takes, and you don’t take a chance to embrace change.

What you can do today is to change your mindset. And start adapting the ways of how you can be a better person and be an achiever. Embrace change and make things happen.

4. Stop blaming others or the circumstances around you and start taking responsibility.

Blaming other people for the situation that you are in will not help you. As an effect, it will stop you from achieving what you want in life. Others are just making excuses. That’s why they accuse other people or the situation of their failures. Leave that bad attitude and act differently. Decide on being a different person. And start being consistent in doing something.

5. Stop procrastinating and resolve the negative emotions associated with it.

Procrastination is mostly associated with negative emotions. It doesn’t mean that you procrastinate because you love doing it but because of the behind reasons. There are different reasons why a person procrastinates, these includes:

  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of criticism
  • Avoidance
  • Low self-esteem
  • A tendency to self-defeat
  • Depression
  • Trouble focusing
  • Waiting until the last minute
  • Task aversion
  • Resisting challenges
  • Decision fatigue
  • Difficulty defining goals
  • A disconnect with the future self
  • Lack of energy

You should check on those negative emotions and make a strategy that will make you not procrastinate anymore. As a result, you will be making a change in your life. Thus, in a matter of time, you will surely achieve your aspirations.

6. Focus.

Focus on the essential things and have the determination to set your eyes on achieving them. Don’t allow distractions to hinder you from attaining what you are working hard for.

One example of losing focus is not having the skill of prioritizing tasks. As a freelancer, marketer, or business owner, we have so much in our plate and the key to be effective is to manage tasks well. On top of that, if you lose focus, you will end up prioritizing unimportant things.

7. Have a purpose.

Everyone has their purpose. May it is a person or a business, they have their purposes that fuel their existence. Living life with a purpose can be helping other people or elevating difficulties. Your purpose is your deeper why on what are you doing the things right now. And for you to be successful in 2021, you need to find the meaning by embracing a purpose.

8. Stop impressing people.

Many are impressing people on social media for the sake of showing off. Thinking that what they are doing makes them happy.

One secret to becoming successful in 2021 is to live and work from things that make you happy and empower you. When you have this, you understand your most resounding why, and you have the focus to dream big and work on your dreams.

9. Say no.

Learning to say “NO” is keeping yourself in not meeting your goals. Especially if you have many responsibilities and already set your task plan for that day, not saying yes will make you productive and effective.

On the other hand, accepting tasks without thinking is like decreasing your success rate.

10. Pray a lot.

Prayer is essential for proper alignment. It can boost us, making us motivated and faithful to our goals. The Lord will help us and guide us so, include prayer in your daily routine. One of the breakfasts of the champions is to pray or meditate before starting their busy day.

Choosing a positive attitude is essential to achieving the goals that you set. I pray that this year will be different because you will be adopting these ten points to attain your goals. Plan and walk your plans, and create difference now.

FVA is here to assist freelancers, marketers, and business owners in achieving their goals. And we commit ourselves to support you to be successful in 2021.



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