Setting your personal and professional freelancing Goals for 2020 will be hard if you don’t know what things you need to do this 2020. Here are the simple ways that you can do to set up your personal and professional freelancing goals for 2020 so that you’re fully blasted.

Personal Goals

Personal Goals will be hard if you don’t have any plan and dedication to achieve it, you should smart in your goals be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely so that you have a list and timeline to achieve all those goals this 2020.

Here are ways that you can do:

1. Spiritual Goals

Pray at least 10 minutes a day to give thanks to the blessings that we received for today, make sure also to read 1 chapter of the bible a day so that you will be able to learn and spread the good news to others.

2. Food for the Soul

Stress in freelancing is normal sometimes we need to travel once a year so that we can enjoy and relieve our stress if you have time to go to the beach every quarter together with your family to enjoy and bonding together. Go to Spa/Massage/Salon once a month to make your beauty stand out again.

3. Taking care of your Body

Eating unnecessary food is our stress reliever, this 2020 eliminate soda, sweets and processed food you can eat carbohydrates but make sure to lessen it. Sleep at least 6 hours to replenish your body and have more energy tomorrow. Instead of eating unnecessary food why not to eat vegetables that will give you nutrients and combine exercise like 1 hour walking every Monday-Wednesday-Friday to improve your blood circulation.

Professional Goals

Professional Goals can help you focus on where you need to improve yourself and goals will help you to think about where you need improvement and here the ways on how you will do it.

Here are ways that you can do:

1. Skills Goals

Take a course whether it is online or non-online skills to sharpen your skills you can consider a simple Udemy course or you can consider FVA a lot of courses that will broaden your knowledge make sure to choose the right fit for you, as it will help you on your freelancing career.

2. Savings Goals

Savings should be our top priority no matter how much is your earning, as long you are doing it consistently you will go so far and just in case you want to buy things or if there is an emergency happen you have money to use and the best thing to save would be today so that you have a prosperous life once you retire.

3. Self-Growth and Empowerment Goals

Reading is essential so that your knowledge will be increased and especially you will learn a lot when you read books. They said knowledge is a power that no one can steal just keep reading to exercise your mind and help you in your future journey.

Podcasts will be tough when choosing, as there are many to choose from when choosing a podcast. Make sure you will learn from it and it should fit apart from what you want as it will help you to benefit in the long run.

The workshop will guide you to make you better and will help you to develop you as a person, not just that, also you will develop the skills that you can use in your future clients to help them to achieve their business goals.

Mentoring goals sharing is caring once you know a lot you can share them with others, you can train them and find opportunities to teach them or mentor them until they will stand by their own in that case you help them a lot on their freelancing journey.

Rock Your 2020!

No matter what goals are in your mind this 2020 as long as you do it consistently no matter what will happen along the way just continue, learn from your mistakes and I’ll promise you can achieve all that goals.

The yet is to come always trust yourself!

Happy Freelancing!