Online bookkeeper must have certain important qualities in order to be competitive. But, what are the characters of a good online bookkeeper that will ensure long term clients?
Here are seven tips that will help not just freelancers in the financial services, but, also all niches as well!

1. Being organized

One of the important qualities of a good online bookkeeper is by being well organized. The responsibilities of a bookkeeper involve repetitive tasks. Thus, to be effective, a good online bookkeeper must practice excellent organizational skills.
A  bookkeeper must also have good time management. This quality is essential since it is useful in identifying the task that will fulfil first. As such, a checklist is very helpful in tracking accomplished tasks of the day.

2. Good communication skills

To report the financial status is one of the tasks of an online bookkeeper. Thus, it is important that you must have good communication skills because delivering financial report is difficult.
These reports can be the Profit and Loss or, the Balance Sheet.
Also, you will follow up with outstanding invoices from customers. That’s why you need to know how to communicate with them.

3. Qualifications

There are two ways to qualify as an online bookkeeper. You can either gain bookkeeping experiences or you can study online, and finish any bookkeeping course and get certified.
A good online bookkeeper should be skilful enough in delivering the tasks. As such, they should own expertise in double-entry bookkeeping because it is a critical task.

4. Sound knowledge in the well-known accounting software package

The online bookkeeping is different from the traditional bookkeeping, so expertise in terms of online platforms is required.
Accounting software like Intuit QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Pabbly, GoDaddy Bookkeeping, AccountEdge Pro, OneUp, FreeAgent, and Accounting Seed, are some of the famous platforms being used.

5. Possessing honesty and trustworthiness

An online bookkeeper is dealing with highly confidential data and so it is important that you are honest and trustworthy. Also, you must possess integrity that provides financial reports honestly and will never steal from the client’s money. Also, you must be reliable enough, respectful and proactive in terms of communicating when there is something wrong in the finances.

6. Preparedness to update skills

In this fast-changing world, everything changes and for you to be competitive, you must be willing to upgrade skills and grow. And, for you to be always updated in the online bookkeeping trends, thriving is needed to grow the skills.

7. Having a confident personality

The finances of the business is one of the most demanding and difficult tasks because it deals with money reports. A good online bookkeeper should possess great confidence with skills and knowledge so that the client will trust you.
Online bookkeeping is one of the in-demand freelancing niches today. For an online bookkeeper to be effective and efficient, you must learn and practice these seven qualities.
You must show enthusiasm and passion in doing the bookkeeping tasks because the accuracy of the business finances relies on the hand of the online bookkeeper.
I hope this has been helpful to you. Now that you learned the important tips, are you ready to be an online bookkeeper?
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