Have you heard about chatbots? Artificial Intelligence or AI might be flashing to your mind the moment you hear the bot word. But, there is more profound and essential about it.

MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum invented the first chatbot named “ELIZA” in the 1960s. Yes, it was developed quite a while but, it was the recent years where bots are gaining popularity when it comes to providing 24/7 support to businesses.


What are Chatbots

Misconceptions about Chatbots

Automated chatbots provide customer service. It is like a robot that customers can chat with or talk to by voice or text message. Moreover, it can be used in a variety of ways. A few examples are chat assistants via Facebook Messenger and voice assistants like Alexa in Amazon.

Despite the popularity of bots, there are still many myths and misconceptions regarding their emergence. Listed below are the top six myths, and we will debunk them one by one.


6 Biggest Myths about Chatbot


1. Chatbots will replace apps and humans

Many people fear that chatbots will replace human workers. Yes, it can be true, but let us look at the brighter side. Humans can then devote their attention to innovation and strategic development instead. 

Also, many misinterpret chatbots to replace apps. Since the purpose of apps is to download and store data, chatbots are designed to provide relevant information to users. Similarly, apps offer visual experiences while chatbots provide textual ones. Both should be working together.

On top of that, the purpose is to provide ease for the user. Thus, the synchronization between chatbots and apps must be efficient and effective to meet its goals.


2. Chatbots are solely based on Artificial Intelligence

Bots can be either rule-based or AI-based. Rule-based systems have a smaller knowledge base and fewer skills. In other words, they can only provide a correct output based on the specific questions given by the user.

On the other hand, AI-based or learning bots can understand natural language, so they do not require specific commands. So with every interaction, it becomes more brilliant. This is why it requires great effort to create an automated system like this.


3. Chatbots are text-based only

Some chatbots are text-based, while others are not. Besides, voice-enabled chatbots allow the user to conduct a conversation via auditory or textual means.

A typical example of a text-based chatbot that can be a voice bot is a pizza ordering system that will provide the user with information. The various information can be pizza that the user wants to order, toppings and sauces, and confirmation.


4. Chatbots lack the human emotion

Many people believe that chatbots cannot converse like humans or lack personalized emotions. Two perspectives are possible. First, chatbots are operated by software. Therefore, they are unable to give their service providers that human emotion.

Although building a chatbot with human capabilities is a challenge, it is possible. An AI-based chatbot can copy human emotion to a certain level, but it is not good to let your users think they are talking to a real human.

On the contrary, some bots can understand the emotions and gestures of users deeper. But with limitations.


5. Chatbots are costly

A cost and affordability concern is one of the reasons for closing doors with chatbots. Yet, there are instances where you only require a simple bot for your Facebook page or website. And, here’s good news! You can even build one for free with one of the top chatbot development platforms like Chatfuel or Manychat.

But, if you need advanced features, hiring someone who will do the trick is effective. Again, in embracing chatbot, it depends on the business needs regarding the costs or the budget.


6. Only big companies need chatbots

Even though large companies use chatbots for their business, small and medium businesses should also invest in the technology. And due to insufficient resources, you will not allocate another budget for an additional employee who will handle the business 24/7. And to meet the increasing demands and inquiries from customers, chatbots can be a cost-effective solution.

We have learned the six myths about bots, and we have debunked each of them. Considering the benefits that many businesses saw with a chatbot, chatbot experts are becoming in demand.

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