No matter what is your status in your life, whether you are professional or not, freelancing is for all, as long as you have the guts and courage to learn you will succeed in freelancing. Here is our featured freelancer from the US navy to being a freelancer. Her story will inspire and motivate us to go further no matter what. 

Summary of the life of Mizpah Valmoria

Meet Mizpah Valmoria, a former US Navy before she jumps into freelancing. She joined the service when she was 17 years old and was on service for almost six years, and decided to leave the service in 2014. She went back to college and at the same time, she was working as a medical support assistant at a Veterans Affairs clinic.

For three years that was the daily routine of Mizpah Valmoria until she graduated and got her degree. She found herself exhausted from that lifestyle that’s why she took a short break. She went back to the Philippines for a vacation, her sister the one who encouraged Mizpah who lives in the Philippines. To encourage her to work as a freelancer, she was really amazed at her sister, as she can travel, work anytime and earn as well. When she came back to California, in August 2017, that’s the time when she started freelancing and landed her first job on Upwork.

Why does she pursue freelancing?

Mizpah Valmoria pursues freelancing because it enables her to work on her own time. The comfort of freedom is one thing that Mizpah loves, as she loves what she is doing, as per Mizpah freelancing is about growth, both professionally and personally.

Most of the clients of Mizpah are approachable and generous enough to share the nature of their respective fields that allow her to widen her scope as a freelancer and broaden her knowledge and skills when it comes to working with small businesses and organizations.

Communication and transparency is the key

Mizpah Valmoria believes that good communication and transparency are very important skills and it is very effective when the two collide. When she engages with clients she makes sure to do it constantly while doing the rapport. She understands the needs of the clients, which allows her to give new ideas to improve the business of the client making the business grow.

What is your advice to the freelancing community?

The advice from Mizpah Valmoria in the freelancing community is you need to be honest with your clients and yourself, ask a question if you don’t know anything, treat each negative as a learning curve, and trust the process. Commit to each project you are working on, love what you do and it will love you back.

We desire all the best in your digital career. Happy freelancing!

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