Meet Grace


The Owner and Coach

Grace is finishing her doctorate in Educational Management at University of Mindanao, Davao City and have always loved teaching and coaching. She has over 10 years of experience as an educator, manager and administrator. Her background covers practices in the areas of business start ups, education, outsourcing, NGOs and religion.

She started freelancing 5 years ago and have established herself well in general administrative tasks, social media management and marketing, content marketing, web design, landing pages, email marketing, SEO strategies, video optimization and real estate tasks. She has worked with different brands around the world in different fields like small business enterprise, fashion, clothing, consulting, real estate, oil fields, technology, business franchising, digital marketing, and many more.

Moved with the passion to see Filipino families flourish and intact, she now coaches others how to start freelancing and earn from the comfort of home.


The Educator

As a finishing Doctor in Education, Grace uses her advanced skills in Educational Management into the coaching. This is why the whole coaching system is professional done, easy to understand, results-oriented with the heart to get all students realistically start earning from home!


The Wife and Mom

Grace understands your pains when it comes to multitasking freelancing and family because she herself rocked it! She can empathize and give real life advices to success having been in these situations herself.

She is inlove with her husband; Jay Locsin who is a REI rockstar freelancer himself and teaches one course in FVA, the Real Estate Investing Tasks Course. Jay and Grace love their their twin boys Sovi and Tice who are now 4 years old.


The Revolutionary

Grace’s love for family is but only a branch growing from a tree of her love for the Philippines. Her ultimate dream to see this nation revived and transformed. She is writing a book: The Philippine Revival and Reformation and she prays this will serve as a Noli Me Tangere of today’s generation.

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