Being a great communicator doesn’t intend to send the message alone. It is ensuring that the receiver perceives the message well. This is the most reason why many want to improve their English speaking skills. Research shows that 25.9% of the most used language on the internet is English. May it be on your freelancing or business, you need to master your English speaking skills.

The way you talk and deliver reflects your skills in communicating the message. In contrast, not having good communication skills prevent you from capturing any opportunities that might come through.

Why is it essential to improve your English language skills?

The English language has been valuable to our day-to-day lives. Whether we use it as our primary or second language, it is vital to learn and master it. But why? A few of the reasons are:

  • Improving your English language will provide opportunities for you when you apply to work for International clients.
  • When you are watching your favorite movies, you’ll understand better.
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Travel to International countries
  • Learning English is fun.
  • A total of 1.5 billion people worldwide are using the English language.

There are various ways to enhance your speaking skills. Others prefer to enroll in courses to improve their English speaking skills. At the same time, others make use of platforms and tools like Elsa Speak.

What is Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak is an app that will improve your speaking skills through artificial technology. It leverages speech recognition technology to provide short, fun dialogues while training users to become effective communicators. Thus, every time user experiences the conversations, it enhances the English communication skills—even those who are non-English native speakers.

How does Elsa Speak help to improve your English speaking skills?

Elsa Speak acts as a personal virtual pronunciation coach that mentors the users. Through this virtual coach, it helps users speak the English language naturally. Also, by using Elsa Speak, users will be able to communicate clearly and confidently. As evidence, this app is known as the Top 5 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps with over seven million users in 101 countries.

How to get started?

Here’s a step-by-step process to start improving your English speaking skills using Elsa Speak.

First of all, you will visit Elsa Speak’s website and create an account. When you make an account, saving your progress will be immediate.

Free Assessment Test

Taking the free assessment test allows you to learn your English speaking proficiency level. And it identifies your top pronunciation challenges, like ‘schwa’ and ‘diphthong’.

How to get Most of Elsa Speak

1. Pick the free assessment test

On the home screen, tap the learn faster button. Next, tap your microphone, and begin to read the sentence shown on the screen. After reading, tap the record again. And if you’re not satisfied with your recording, go back to record again. On the other hand, tap the continue button to move to the next sentence. With thirteen sentences to read, the assessment test is easy and useful, taking you 10 minutes to complete. After taking the test, you will discover your English-speaking proficiency based on the test score given.

2. Follow your customized lesson plan

Elsa Speak will create a personalized lesson plan after you finished the assessment. The lessons get more challenging as you move along with the different lessons. You will see different planets where it teaches you one particular sound. Each planet will show a percentage of your accuracy in speaking like a native speaker.

There are three different difficulty levels of the lessons. It is best to start the easy one if you are a beginner because it will become difficult as you move to the next lesson.

There are four different types of lessons such as pronunciation, listening, syllable stress, and conversation.


Listening lesson

In this lesson, a recording of a word will be displayed. Or a word will show, and you will identify how to pronounce it correctly.

Pronunciation lesson

In this lesson, you will read a particular word. The color will turn green if you get it right, yellow if almost, and then red if read it incorrectly. To see some details of the word, tap the arrow in the right corner.

Syllable stress

In a syllable stress lesson, a syllable or a phrase is shown. Read the word by stressing the highlighted syllable.

Conversation lesson

In here, you’ll practice real-life conversation lessons with Elsa. When the microphone turns green, speak immediately. To continue the conversation, tap the next arrow.

3. Check out the other features

With Elsa Speak’s remarkable features, it will help you become an efficient communicator. And for you to make it happen, consistent practice is vital. Through the app, you can set a reminder for regular English-speaking exercises. Now, are you ready to advance your English speaking skills with Elsa Speak? Visit here.




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