How You Will Approach Your Client To Raise Your Rates is often asked to us in the freelancing world. Many feel like they deserve a better payment after they gain more training and experience but don’t have the courage or guide how. Here are the tips on how you will approach your client to increase your rates and convince them.

1. Prove that your service is worth it

If you can prove the value of your services and results that you have delivered to your previous client. It would be great then your service will sell itself no matter what is the price. How you will showcase your previous results to your client? You can show them your testimonials. The client will love to see things that are tangible prove your worth to your clients and they will happily pay you a premium price.

2. Know your ideal client

If you know who your ideal client is, then you can easily increase your rates while maintaining your clients. Make sure to be specific in your niche and you are well-positioned to serve. Find out what type of businesses they are running, what features are they looking for. If you can do that all it is better, you will able to target a specific niche of clients and you can charge much, much more.

3.) Explain why you need to increase your rates

Justify yourself why you deserve to increase your rates, relate back to them your previous results and how the business benefit from what you did. Make sure to approach your client in a nice way, for example, “Raising your rates will allow me to take closely on the projects we do together and will mean better turn-around times for you and will more focus on your business” Then make sure that what you promise to your client you can deliver it.

4.) Focus on giving value

When you make your request, you should focus on value. If you can give results why not ask to raise your rates. You could communicate your expertise that has grown. You can say “Over the last year. I’ve helped many business owners to expand their businesses using my ability and skills. You can also say that you helped businesses to increase their sales of up to 20 percent. In that case, chances of raising your rates will be great”.

Know your worth

We hope our article “How You Will Approach Your Client To Raise Your Rates” helps you a lot in your freelance journey. All of us want high-paying rates, however, you need to prove that you can have the capability to increase their sales and you have a proven result. It will take dedication, hard work, and consistency to fulfill and get there. Make sure don’t stop believing in yourself just keep moving forward no matter what and you will far from others.

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