Do you ever wish to earn dollars from home and receive items for FREE? What do you want to receive? A latest
iPhone? Make-Ups? Books? Well, Amazon got it all for you. It is possible to earn dollars as well as receive items for
free if you work as an Amazon Product reviewer.

Customer reviews are very important part of Amazon shopping experience that is why they build a vine program
where they have the list of top and best reviewers of Amazon. If you like purchasing products at Amazon or giving
reviews on whatever products you have, this might be a good start in your freelancing journey.

Types of Amazon VA
1. Amazon Management – This type of VA usually handles the account of the seller on the Amazon
site. Most of the tasks include product description, product listing, make product reviews, chat
support, email marketing messages, confirming, canceling and refunding orders. In short, this
type of VA sells and manages the account on behalf of the clients.
2. Amazon Reviewer – Reviews of the product are an essential part of the shopping experience of
Amazon. So as a product reviewer, your task is to give honest, and quality product review.
Through your reviews, you can help customers to make smart decisions before purchasing the
item. What is even better is that you might get the products for free to be reviewed.

Branding Job or Title for this:
Branding is an important factor in the success of your freelancing journey. Make sure to build a solid
brand that fits the description of your work. So here are two Branding and Titles for this job that you
might use:
1. Amazon Product Review
2. E-commerce Product Tester

1. Content Writer – You are tasked to write a review for a product which contains 300 words or
more and is paid for ten dollars (10$) per hour or seventeen dollars to twenty-five dollars (17$-
25$) per 1000 words.
2. Product Reviewer – You are tasked to write a simple but honest review of the product with an
average cost of eight dollars (8$) per hour.

• Create an Amazon Account – Go to Amazon.com site and create an account. Fill out the
necessary information needed for you to accomplish the signing up process.
• Review Products – Once you already have an account at Amazon, start making your reviews.
Review as many as you can but you just have to make sure that your reviews are honest,
accurate and helpful as possible.
• Be hired – Once you have already established your name/branding as an Amazon product
reviewer, you can be hired in different ways:
– Be hired by companies to review their own products- These are first party companies and
who are looking for a reviewer to make honest reviews of their products first hand. Be hired by a company to review third-party products. These are companies who are looking
for reviewers to review their client’s products.
– By Amazon Vine Program – Amazon vine program is an internal service of Amazon where
they got the list of the top and best reviewers. Companies ask and fees Amazon to review
their products and then passed by Amazon to their reviewers. And one good thing about it,
you will receive products for FREE!

• Be an expert in one niche – It is ok to be a jack of all trades but it is even better if you focus on
one thing that suits your interest. Focus on something that you think you are good at. Example,
if you like makeups, focus on reviewing cosmetics and beauty products. It is easy to make
reviews once you are familiar with the product. Most likely, you have a lot of things to say about
• Don’t sell the products after you receive them – It is always a big NO! That is against the policy
of the company.
• Have a strong presence in Amazon – Build your name in Amazon by increasing your reviewers
rank so that those you select reviewers can notice you. Reviewers rank can be increased through
giving helpful, quality and honest review.
• Be encouraged in the Lord – Building a name can be very challenging at first. But just keep on
doing what you are doing. Keep reviewing until your name will have its spotlight. While doing
such, assert consistency and excellence in your work. Above all, always keep the faith. Afterall,
God is the giver of all things.