Freelancers often use PayPal in getting payments from clients with services they provide through online jobs. This is a safe mode of payment specially that PayPal is reliable when it comes to online transactions.

However, freelancers also experience hiccups with PayPal:

  • The dollar to peso exchange rate has around a dollar difference.
  • It takes at least 2-4 working days before one can withdraw.
  • There is a P50 transfer free if the withdrawal is less than P7000.

This is why Globe’s new GCash method is a music to the ears of those working home based.

  • Money is transferred from PayPal to the ATM in minutes!
  • There is no withdrawal fee.
  • Plus one can use it to pay bills, etc.

Here’s what Mae Sambrano, an FVA grad out together for all of you asking how in details out there:

How to Get GCash Account

Step 1. Register your Globe/TM number to GCash.

1. Dial *143# or look for the globe sim icon in your phone
2. Select GCash then register
3. Create your desired MPIN (don’t forget this because this is important)
4. Enter your First, Last Name, Complete Address and Age

After that you will get a text message to confirm your registration.

Step2. Download GCash app in Google Play/Apple Store and log in using your Globe/TM number and your created MPIN for the password.

Step3. Go to Globe store for KYC and get your ATM at P150 pesos bring 1 valid id.

Now Link PayPal to GCash 

(Note: Step 3 is important. Paypal will not be linked if you did not go through KYC.)

1. Log in to GCash app.
2. Click on your avatar then go to “my account”.
3. Select PayPal, enter your paypal address then follow the instructions then you’re good to go. 

Head’s UP: Don’t expect that you will see your GSash card along with your other banks and credit cards becuase you will not see it there. It’s like you never link your GCash to your PayPal.

To make sure that your GCash is properly linked. Here are the step:

1. Log in to PayPal.
2. Click the gear icon.
3. Select payments then manage pre-approved payments.
4. Select again pre-approved payment plans.

Then you will see “G_XCHANGE,INC”…

If you see that, congratulations your PayPal is link to GCash!

How to Transfer Funds

1. Go to GCash app.
2. Select cash-in.
3. Select PayPal then select the currency with balance.
4. Enter how much, enter you MPIN then wallah… funds in your GCash in less than a minute!

How to Withdraw Cash from GCash

1. Go to any Mastercard ATM.
2. Your password or bank pin is your MPIN.
3. Then your good to go

Happy to help 🙂

NOTE: Starting July 1, 2017 there is a maintaining balance of P50 pesos if at the end of month your account doesn’t have a balance, it’ll automatic close!

Thank you for this Mae! If you’d like to know more about Mae, please check out her website.