Wondering how to start in freelancing makes you think of a lot of questions and also misconceptions as well. Whatever it is, it is important that those questions are answered to have clarity in all areas of freelancing.

Here are some of the FAQs and we would like to address them effectively. Also, we would like to give you guidance and clarity in terms of productivity and in choosing freelancing as your career.

1. What is #freelancing?

Freelancing is a career where you will enjoy the options it gives like choosing your career path, contract, freelancing niche, hourly rate, time of work and many more. Most of the nature of work in freelancing is the same as Virtual Assistance and online jobs.

When you start in freelancing, you will experience building your own business while having the freedom to choose your projects and how many hours you will be working with them.

2. How does it work?

Freelancing is when there is an exchange of services or works online to your clients anywhere in the world. You will be doing a virtual assistant’s tasks or office tasks online, using the internet.

In freelancing, you can provide different types of services like online bookkeeping, web design, web development, eCommerce, and many more.

When you start in freelancing, you will transition to working at the comfort of your home while doing transactions and providing services remotely via the internet.

3. How to get started?

It’s very easy to start freelancing. As long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you can start right away.

If you don’t have access to a computer and internet yet, you can borrow, rent or work in an internet cafe.

Also, in freelancing, you need to have the skills thus, you have to research thoroughly in google and youtube or you may enrol in any online courses. As such, you will be earning thorough guidance in starting and learning freelancing skills.

4. Why are some online courses paid?

When you’re a freelancer, acquiring a skill is a requirement. Many have been asking this question, yes there may be lots of resources online. Yet, if you want to have thorough guidance and you don’t want to experience the mistakes that the experts had gone through before, you will enrol in an online course.

Behind every paid online course are apps and platforms and people at the backbone of the whole process that the online academies are paying,

Free courses are also good but, in terms of thorough guidance, curriculum and experiences that you will earn while enrolling the course, you will not experience the same with the paid ones.

5. Why are some online courses expensive?

I’d like to mention two things that will help you with the realization about expensive courses. First is the VALUE, it means when you enrol in a more expensive course like a web development course, it will lead you to more opportunities because this course is a bit difficult than other courses. Next is INVESTMENT, when you enrol in an expensive course, you are not just purchasing the course but, you are investing. Why investing? With the experiences, thoroughness of detail, feedback, success factor that is being shared to you, it is too little compared to the return of investment (ROI) when you will be working soon.

Expensive courses are competitive courses which means the salary you will receive is higher compared to cheaper ones.

6. Are classes done online?

Yes, online courses are done online because it uses a lot of flatforms during live coaching and recorded coaching sessions.

One of the purposes of having the class online is to be able to cater to people all around the globe at the same time.

FVAs coaching and training encompass a commitment that will lift up each of the graduates to become successful.

7. Who can join?

In FVA the age range of our students is from  15-64 years old.

These 15 years old work as online writers and when their mother found out the perks of freelancing, their mothers enrolled in FVA as well.

In freelancing, everything can be acquired as long as you have the determination and passion in pursuing it.

Not all FVA graduates end in freelancing. Though the majority of the graduates pursue freelancing, some of them use and apply the knowledge and skills that they earned in their business or in opening a consultancy business.

8. Can I work as a VA? I am not a techie, I don’t have the experience, I am not good with English.

Yes, anybody can start as a freelancer but, when you’re not a techie and good in English, you will need more time to work on that.

Whether a mother, father, teachers, and PWDs, you can start freelancing.

The secret to success is not your educational attainment or your social-economic status, what matters most is your work ethics and your character and determination to become a successful freelancer.

9. Will you help us get a client?

Yes, it is integrated into all of the courses. Whatever course you are taking, FVA will provide you with the branding techniques, optimizing freelancing platforms, how you will earn a 100k a month, and many more.

As part of FVAs commitment, we are here to support you. And, the reward that will make us fulfilled is when you become a successful freelancer.

10. Will you give us a certificate?

Yes, when you finish the course, we will provide a certificate that you can show to clients during application.

Bonus Questions:


1. What is FVA?

The FVA offered three services namely: Provide online freelancing training with different online courses, VA services to all business owners and franchisers, and joining the mission to become coach and trainer under the FVA brand.

FVA is registered in local government, DTI, BIR because we want to help you by showing legitimacy and truthfulness. We would like to provide services with accountability with a heart.

2. What are FVA’s courses?

FVA has a total of nineteen courses. But, if you’re starting from scratch, I suggest to enrol in a freelancing course first and grow later on in different courses.

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