Increasing UpWork Freelancers?

The other day I couldn’t login to UpWork. Looked like it crashed because of high traffic. Every now and then, UpWork also sends “temporary disruption” notices. Can this be because UpWork has a lot of website visits and they did not expect this to happen?

I often mention it to my coaching students. Freelancing is the future of work. More and more businesses are hiring virtual assistants it more beneficial for their businesses. More and more are coming in to the new world of freelancing. More and more are learning the better option of earning from home.

New UpWork Freelancer Screening

Because of the new boost in the number of freelancers, UpWork have set a new approval system. This was not present before. Now, UpWork is now screening all applicants.

The sad thing about this is UpWork’s screening team looks to be bots. It is looking like UpWork has programmed into its system how new freelancer applications should be screened and if it doesn’t fit into it’s design, that application is rejected. This is why is it important to ensure that you follow UpWork’s requirements in order to successfully submit a profile. Because unless you have an approved UpWork profile, you can not apply for any time of freelancing work.

Tips in Passing an UpWork Profile

So what will you do when your profile was declined and you’re suggested to re-submit? Here are a few tips that we discovered that may help.

1. Have a theme.
– make sure that your profile is coherent and it says just one thing from top to bottom. Thus if you brand yourself as a Social Media Manager, your skills, overview, experiences, and the rest of your profile says the same.
Don’t brand yourself as a Virtual Assistant but there’s baking and travel photography expertise somewhere in your profile.
2. Make sure that your profile is 100% complete.

– Complete Skills, Overview, Portfolio, Work History, Verifications, etc.

3. Availability
– Ensure that you are free to serve your client by setting your availability to 30 hours of more.

4. Language: “Native” or “Fluent”

5. Add Certifications
– Add this coaching’s certification! You can get more online that related to your focus like bookkeeping, typing, web design, etc.

6. Add Portfolios

7. Take Tests
– It takes 30-40 minutes to take each test. Take the Readiness test first and other tests which are related to your expertise.

When this are all done, pray and click that submit button. 🙂 If it is still not approved, go through the process again and check where you did wrong. Put yourself in the shoes of those screening bots and outwit them. Re-submit updated profile after 15 days…
Hope all works well with you! If you have questions and inquiries, please feel free to email me at [email protected]