Congratulations! You have just landed an interview. You are now a step closer to get a job. Amongst the piles of resumes who submitted, you are a potential candidate for the job. Do you think you will stand out from the crowd?

Here are some tips that you have to prepare before and during the interview in order to nail the interview and land on the online job that you’ve wanted:

Before the Interview


1. Find A Quiet Place

Make sure no loud music or noise in your background. This can be very distracting on the part of the employer and might reconsider your application.  Noise from the outside such as dog barking or highway construction will greatly affect the interview process especially if you are working for a voiced account.

2. Set up a good background

Make sure you don’t have anything embarrassing on your background. Keep it neat and simple. A white or plain background can be a good idea but if you can add a little touch to your backgrounds like a lampshade, a plant or a bookshelf to also enhance the aesthetic appeal.

3. Good Lightning

Good lighting can make a huge difference in the online interview. If your interview is during the daytime, then use the window. Make sure that it is in front of you and not beside or behind your computer. If it’s nighttime, use a lampshade which is placed slightly above your eyes while sitting down.

4. Address tech problems before the interview

Tech glitches happen sometimes like slow internet connection, interference or garbled signals, cam and microphone don’t work properly, etc. It is very important that you check all of the possible glitches and address the issue before the online interview. Others no longer give second chances to reschedule your interview if these happen. You might just lose the opportunity.

5. Dress for Success

When everything else is set up, make sure you look good. Dress professionally as if you are going to the office. A button down shirt with a blazer on is a great choice for an interview. This could give them the impression that you are really prepared for the interview.


During the Interview 


1. Make sure to have a personal brand

Your personal brand is what makes you distinct from the rest. It is the kind of impression you leave to the interviewer. Having a personal brand is what makes you stand out from the pile of applicants, what makes you capable of doing and what makes you valuable. Regardless of having experience or not, if you have a strong personal brand, interviewers would most likely consider your application.

2. Use your past experience to articulate the present job application.

Experience is one of the interviewers who would always look into the hiring process. It’s a pretty much advantage if you already have had experiences with the current position you are applying. However, if you are new in the industry, it is very important that you need to know how to use the experiences and knowledge in the past and apply them for this new opportunity.

3. Research

As a potential employee for the company, you need to have knowledge about the company, the idea and type of work you would be doing, details on the job description at least you would be prepared for the possible questions that the employers might ask about the company and the field of work that you will be into.

4. Be confident

The toughest thing you handle in your online job interview is not the interviewer nor the questions but your own self-confidence. The hiring manager could always sense whether you are confident or not in the process. No matter how knowledgeable or skillful you are, if you are not confident enough to translate your skills and ideas into words, it would be hard to persuade them to hire you.

5. Know the job description you are applying for

You need to study the job description and truly understand what they really want for the job. This is one of the essential ways to nail your interview. If the job calls for attention to details, make sure to demonstrate and exemplify the skills they are looking for.

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