A resume acts as the bridge between you and the clients. That is why an excellent resume has the power to open doors of opportunity. Without a favorable initial impression, it’s hard to get to the next level. It’s like you are trying to persuade the hiring manager to review and consider your application. It only takes them seconds to glance at the resume, do you think yours is worth their time?

If you need to be guided on how to make a killer resume, here are some tips:


Professional Looking

Your resume is your ticket to get an interview. There are some clients don’t go directly to the content of the resume but on how it is also presented. Color, themes, format are some of the essential components you have to consider to make your resume more appealing. If you are already used to making a plain text format resume, that won’t buy anymore in the freelancing industry. Take a look at the example below.



Make it a 1-Page Resume

It already takes seconds for the employer to take a look at the resume. Make sure at first glance, it already worth his time. Client’s don’t need a long tedious resume to attract his attention. A short, concise but compelling resume with all the necessary information that you are qualified for the position is enough to get to the next level.


Identify your Accomplishments Rather than Job Description

Clients are more interested in what you have done for the company rather than a long description of your duties. You don’t want your resume to sound like a job posting right?


Cater only experiences relevant to the job description

It has no relevance at all when you apply for a graphic designer but your past experiences were bookkeeping or administrative staff. Show them at least 2-3 recent jobs related to the job description to at least give them the confidence that you are familiar with the task. However, if you are changing the direction of your career, you need to work hard to learn and draw out some skill to qualify. Enrolling to a course that will let you acquire skills for a short period of time is a good option.



Only Include Your Latest Educational Background

In freelancing, clients are not much interested in what school you graduated but in the skills you possess. Hence, there is not a need anymore to highlight your educational history. Indicating your recent education is enough to give them an idea that you earn a degree.


Emphasize on Skill

It could mean identifying your skills which do you think are necessary for the job. If you don’t have much experience yet, this can be very compelling. Take a look at the example below:



Add a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a one-page document you submit in your application together with your resume. It contains the overview of your experiences most relevant to the job posting. Its purpose is to introduce yourself in a personal, compelling way so that the hiring manager or client wants to review your resume. Refrain from grammatical errors and make sure there is consistency in the content and themes with that on your resume. to See the sample below:



Making an excellent resume is very critical in the job search. Among hundreds of applicants make sure that yours stand out from the crowd. The sample resumes above are exemplarily done by FVA students which, at a short period of time was able to learn the skills despite not having a background in freelancing. If you want to learn more about freelancing and acquire some skills send a message to Filipino Virtual Assistance and let’s start your freelancing journey today!