Your rate as a freelancer depends on how seasoned, and how skillful you are with your chosen niche. In order for you to grow your freelancing pay, you need to improve holistically.

So, what could be the techniques in growing your freelancing pay?

Ronneve Jules Cid, a seasoned freelancer managed to have an average of $18/hour now from $.75/hour a few years ago.


Below are the tips he shared in order to grow your freelancing pay:


Invest in skills and knowledge

Investing in skills and knowledge should come first before investing in expensive stuff like a headset, chairs, etc… It is because your main capital in landing a job is the skills that you will offer to your clients. You can enroll in different courses available online, or you may attend local freelancing seminars in your areas.

Also,  skills should be harnessed and developed in order to make you competitive because in freelancing, there is continuous learning, and out from the learning that you will get is a promise of making your freelancing pay grow.

The more learning you get, the more experience you have, the more clients will come to you.

Build an online portfolio

To build your online portfolio is you need to organize your portfolio and focus on one specific niche so that clients can easily identify your skill sets. Also, when you have an organized portfolio, the client will easily identify the solutions that you can provide to his business.

As a freelancer, your portfolio is your proof and evidence that you have the skills and you know how to make things done excellently.

Join a community

Creating a network through joining in communities is where a freelancer can learn new trends, and even get clients. It can be through referral, or from the posting.  Also, in joining communities, it will be an avenue for freelancers to learn strategies like in-demand freelancing niches as well as pricing strategies.

Be professional

Nothing beats a good working attitude, don’t take freelancing for granted instead, be reliable with your client, and create credibility. Also, you need to be professional because professionalism is where increasing rates happen.

Don’t think like an employee

Freelancing is not just a job, it’s a business where you work hard in taking care of it since you need to build relationships with your clients. to start off, you need to let go of your bad working attitudes and work hard in building your business and always aim for a  successful freelancing business.


Top 3 attitudes that every Freelancer should own in order to be successful


Never give up

There are times where freelancers experience not getting hired for any months. Stay positive, believe in yourself, and if ever you don’t get hired, build your portfolio first, and develop your skills by learning through online courses or tutorials from vloggers that you can found on youtube. Be consistent in learning because the more learning you have, the more expert you are, and the more your freelancing rate will grow.

Constant communication with your clients

Always communicate with your clients, ask questions if you don’t get the instructions well, and be honest with your clients. Clients prefer freelancers that they can rely on, and someone who can help them with their business. 

Gain experience

Try local businesses, and offer your services for free for those who don’t have experience yet. Or,  you may offer your services to clients and charge them with a minimal fee. By doing that, you gain experience, and that experience will reflect in your portfolio for the clients to see your skills and experience.


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