As more people seek a work-life balance and more companies are giving work from home opportunities, working from home is becoming increasingly popular. No transportation expenses, no formal attire required, no traffic to deal with and more quality time to spend with families are just few of the advantages why a lot of people shifted their career to working from home. 

While working from home professes some positive outlook, there are also many distractions and challenges that can decrease productivity at work as  freelancers. Imagine how comfy it is to simply lie on your couch or snug on your bed while getting your work done. This can be very convenient for some but some are struggling with this set-up. With so much distractions like Facebook and other social media sites, these can be challenging as to how you manage your time to get your work done. if you are one of those who are struggling as to how to be productive at home, here are some tips on how to get things done: 

No email and social media during client work.

I’m very guilty of this. Watching youtube videos and scrolling through our FB and IG feeds can certainly take hours of our valuable time. So, I set a particular time to check my personal email and social media accounts.

Take advantage of the technology.

Many of the software applications are free and makes work at home professionals be more productive like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule social media posts, Canva and Crello for anyone who needs to create the design but have limited creative skills.

Set a schedule.

When you have your work scheduled posted you can easily do things and what needs to get done. And work on your most productive time. If you do that, you’ll accomplished more.

Choose a workspace.

Choose a part of the house as your dedicated workspace to lessen distractions, so you only focus on your task.

Take a break.

Breaks in between work to recharge can boost one’s performance and energy. Meditation, stretching and taking a nap are some of the things or actions that you can do on your short break.

How do you finish your tasks and be more productive when working from home? Let us know, We would love to hear from you too. 

Happy freelancing!