It has been said that in order for us to be competitive, we need to get out of our comfort zone and thrive for excellence. As freelancers, we dream to have premium clients, and in order for us to attain our goal, we need to go for competitive freelancing niches.

When we freelancers got premium clients, we will be able to enjoy fewer working hours, a big pay, more demand for work, and less competition in the freelancing market.

But, how can we be effective freelancers, and able to only attract premium clients?
Go from a Zero to a Hero freelancer!

Zero Freelancer

When you have no niche to offer to the client, you are a Zero Freelancer. Your sole goal is self-enrichment where you will thrive to learn competitive skills to be able to be hired.

Wannabe Freelancer

When you have some niche that you want to perfect but you are not just there yet, and you compete with a lot of freelancers and are rarely hired, you are a Wannabe Freelancer. Your sole goal is niche-development where you need to build your online portfolio, and you need to have experiences in order to gain the client’s trust.

Good Freelancer

When you already have a focused niche but not hitting the desired ROIs and you move from one client to the other, you are a Good Freelancer. You chased clients because clients are not coming to you, and you always have to prove yourself. Your sole goal as a Good Freelancer is to achieve operational excellence. You need to find strategies that are working best for you and stick to it.

Hero Freelancer

When you have a niche you enjoy, and you are able to earn big as you serve others, you are a Hero Freelancer. You maintain an amount of leadership and authority in your niche thus, clients trust you and come to you for assistance. Your sole goal as a Hero Freelancer is to constantly do things for the right reasons and balance profit with people.

So how can you get premium freelancing clients? Find out what it is that you love, learn, and master it and be the expert of that field. Go from Zero to Hero…

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