How to Get Hired as A Virtual Assistant, this is a common question in the freelancing industry. As a virtual assistant, getting hired for the very first time is not easy that is why you need to prepare yourself holistically and ensure that you are qualified to compete with the surge of freelancers around the globe.

The prerequisites of getting hired as a virtual assistant are, of course, access to computer and internet, your freelancing skills, payment method, and portfolios.  In our Freelancing Course, these were thoroughly discussed. This is a course you can take so you can be launched in your freelancing journey properly, and you will learn lessons on virtual assistance setup and other competitive skills that you can start with because the more you go for in-demand skills, the more your chances of getting hired as a virtual assistant.

Getting Hired Tips


How to Get Hired as A Virtual Assistant: Application Tips

In order for you to get hired as a  virtual assistant, you should see to it that in every application that you will take, you should incorporate the 3Ps FVA Success Formula. What are these 3Ps? First is you need to personalize your proposal. It shouldn’t be a copy and paste nor using a generalized theme. You should read the job description and see what the pain points are. From there, you can craft a personalized application that suits best the client’s brand, culture, and needs.

Second is you need to provide solutions. You need to communicate how can you help with the client’s pain points. Provide a free assessment, plan, detailed flow of how you can help boost business success. You need to clearly get across the message that you are there to make it easier for them.

Lastly, you need to produce proof of your skills, professionalism, and expertise. These can be done through an online freelancing website, social media freelancing accounts, photos, screenshots, certificates, documents, etc. that will highlight your experience and capability.

To have a copy of how this is done in your application letter or proposal, please fill in this form below:

    How to Get Hired as A Virtual Assistant: Guide on Rates

    We recently conducted a survey on our Filipino Virtual Assistants group and have asked clients on their preference for hiring: 

    How to be Hired a Virtual Assistant

    This means that when you’re a newbie, there’s a big possibility that you will get hired as a virtual assistant provided that you are skilled and can carry out tasks for clients.

    For the freelancing rates, these are our suggestions:

    • Trained – $4/hour at least
    • Experienced – $5/hour at least
    • Expert – $6/hour at least

    These are the basic rates. There are, however, instances where newbies got more than $10/hour. This depends on how the client can see value in work.

    How to Get Hired as A Virtual Assistant: Insights on Contracts

    When you have a client inside the platform, the contract is ready providing details like the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), rates, weekly limits, reporting but, if you’re having a client outside the platform, make sure it’s not a scam, and they should provide you the contract with the necessary details present, and the contract should not have personal information. Also, always double-check if the company, hiring manager, or owner has an online presence. It will also help if you ask to be paid on a weekly basis for the first month.

    Working with Local Clients

    Working with local clients is a good way to help local businesses and it can be a great tool to gain experience. In charging your local clients, consider that they’re not earning in dollars so if they require you to work 10hours/ week, start charging at P3000. You can charge more if you work for more hours. Do not charge local clients the same with international ones.

    Working with International Clients

    There are three things that you need to do in order to last in the freelancing world. First is you need to adjust to the culture because international clients have different cultures with us, different times, and communications. Second is clients pay bigger in dollars but there is also more work involved. Last but not least is, expertise is expected thus you need to at least a basic knowledge on how the task is completed so the adjustments will just focus on brand, client preferences, and the like. Don’t over promise and under deliver. You need to be consistent in delivering quality outputs and be on top of your communications. 

    Now, are you ready to be hired as a virtual assistant? Let us know how we can help. Email us at [email protected]


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