Creating a WordPress Website that is FREE does not require deep knowledge of WordPress. In fact, you can actually create a WordPress website from scratch!

WordPress is one of the platforms you can launch your business home page or freelancing portfolio.

Many freelancers have been asking about how to create a FREE WordPress Website. To address the queries, Coach Robbie of #FVACentral, Filipino Virtual Assistance Coaching by Robbie Jean Lorenzo shared how you can create it FROM SCRATCH!

Here’s a step-by-step guide in creating your free WordPress Website.

To get started, you will be needing a Gmail account in registering a free WordPress Website. Then, you will go to

1. Registration

To register, there are three steps you need to do. First, you will input your email address (Gmail account). Then, you will create a username and password. Please take note that your username cannot contain a WordPress word because your registration will not go further.

2. Domain name

Once you’re done with registration, you will be creating your domain name. After you type your domain, WordPress will offer a lot of options but those domain names that are free having a renewal cost are not actually free. Skip those suggested domain names and go further until you see the domain name with FREE but have no renewal fees written at the bottom part.

3. FREE site

Once you have already chosen your domain name, you will be redirected to different WordPress Sites. Everything you can see there is paid, so check on the upper part and look at the start on a free site stating “Not sure yet? Start with a free site”. Click on that, and there you go. Your free WordPress Website is now created but not yet published.

4. Name your site

To name your website, you need to click the pink box. Additionally, you will be inputting your tagline and other needed info then, save settings.

5. Optimize website

After the settings have been saved, you will return to the dashboard and then optimize and update everything there. You will be inputting the needed info like what is your website all about, your business’ vision and mission and many more.

6. Confirm email address

Afterwards, you will need to confirm your email address. To do this, you will go to your Gmail account and check for the confirmation email that WordPress has sent you. Then, you will click Confirm.

7. Launch your site

When you’re done with creating the site menu and updating your homepage, you can now launch your site. When you launch your site, everybody can now see your website.

I hope this step-by-step walkthrough is helpful to you in creating your free WordPress Website.

Two more videos are coming up, stay tuned!

Video number 2 will be about how to launch a website and video number 3 will be how to go to the WordPress admin.

Go and start your own FREE WordPress site for your business or freelancing now! Feel free to like Filipino Virtual Assistance for your free #freelancing guide and training.




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