One of the best way to get more traffic in your site is to create evergreen contents. Evergreen content is a search-optimized content that is always relevant and stays “fresh” for a long period of time. It is like evergreen tree which retain its leaves all year around. Evergreen contents are most likely to be found online by search engines due to its interesting and relevant topics which remains valuable and never gets old.

Evergreen contents are one of the successful content marketing strategy which pave way to drive traffic to sites and create engagement to your posts or blogs. Here are some tips on how to write evergreen contents.

Types of Evergreen Content

You may consider using these to start creating your own evergreen article.

 1. Top Tips. Providing tips in your site especially on your featured products or services is very helpful to the readers. A quick “help tips” normally interest the audience to get to know more the product or services you are offering.

 2. “How to” Tutorials. Tutorials also have a big role in evergreen content. It helps the readers understand the step by step process of a certain topic and provides genuine solution to their problem.  It should be easy to follow so that the readers can easily put them into practice.

 3. Reviews. Product reviews become an evergreen content as long as the product trend lasts. It will be a useful content to the readers since it gives them the opportunity to learn what is new in the market. Product reviews also gives credibility to the product or services that you are offering. A good product review makes your brand stands out from the rest and be known in the market.

 4. Testimonials- When your sales message comes from a satisfied costumer’s feedback, no wonder your brand will just pull off in the market. It becomes a social proof which build trust and confidence to your clients. Your prospect clients will no longer have second thought to give it try since there has been  a possitive feedback which could testify the effectivity  of the brand.

5. Frequently Asked Questions. When loads of inquiries are coming to your site and most of their questions are just the same, I’m pretty sure your patience will be tested. So if you don’t want to get your fingers get weary hitting the keyboards by answering the same questions over and over again, better write a content answering the frequently asked questions by the costumers.

How To Create Evergreen Topics

Evergreen contents are presented in various ways. It sometimes comes from a form  of text, infographics, videos, blog posts and a lot more. Although it might come in different forms, it should still be well-crafted, optimized, and SEO friendly. Below are some  ways to create an evergreen content.

Focus on topics that are relevant to your business

Evergreen content is one of the effective ways to connect to your readers because it provides information to what you are offering to the market. Do not deviate your content to what is not related to the business. For example, if what you are promoting is about freelancing services, just focus on freelancing topics alone. You can have topics like “How to Become and Effective Freelancer” or “How to Earn From Home Through Freelancing”.

Make your topic more specific.

In choosing a topic, you have to understand who your audience are. You are not just simply writing to a general audience but to a specific “buyer’s persona”.The title alone of the topic will already determine whether or not the article is worth flipping. For example, you are maintaining a blog about freelancing, and you are going to write about  “Freelancing Tips”. It’s quite a general title which doesn’t have much potential going evergreen. Title like ” Freelancing Tips: A Beginner’s Guide” could somehow make the topic more specific.

 Provide unique viewpoint to a common topic

One of the struggles you might encounter in evergreen writing is that it seems like the best topics have already been published. Although you might be writing with the same content on your blogposts or sites, it is still better to have your own and unique viewpoint of the topic. This makes your content different and stands out from the rest. If what you have written are the same with those who have already published their works ahead of you, it will be taken slightly as plagiarism. So to avoid this dilemma, try to be creative and further research so can give more views about the topic.

Format should be easy to follow

If you are trying to write an evergreen content, make sure it presents an easy to follow format. The formats are very effective in attracting and keeping your audience be interested in your content. For example you are trying make “How To” content. To ensure reader’s interest, make sure that the process is clear, step by step and easy to follow so that they wont have difficulty trying to figure it how.

In doing so, you should not only limit your content to textual context. Some audience has short attention span in reading text. You can make it more creative by using visuals like infographics and videos to really get the attention of your audience. Be creative and sensible at the same time.