The Quest to be an Upwork Top Rated

So how to become an Upwork Top Rated freelancer? Despite the fact that there are a lot of freelancing platforms a virtual assistant can use when it comes to online job applications, Upwork remains to be one of the biggest online freelancing marketplaces. And to become an Upwork Top Rated freelancer means many opportunities.

Some of these are:

  • A badge on your Upwork freelancer profile
  • Personalized tips to strengthen your profile
  • Premium customer support, including phone and chat
  • Exclusive invitations to submit proposals
  • An exclusive Job Digest email to make it easier for you to find attractive opportunities
  • The ability to exercise more control over your Job Success Score
  • Private access to the Top Rated Community forum
  • The opportunity to attend exclusive Top Rated Office Hours
  • The opportunity to host Top Rated Events in your city

For this reason, the quest to be a Top Rated virtual assistant is a path for many freelancers in order to avail of many benefits.

How to be a Top Rated Freelancer in Upwork

In order to be a Top Rated freelancer, you need to work on your Job Success Score (JSS). JSS is a measure of your client’s satisfaction with your work and success on Upwork. The higher your JSS is, the more you will get the chance to be a Top Rated. Here are some tips on how you can boost your JSS.

1.) Good client rating

This is a common tip when it comes to achieving a higher JSS in Upwork. To become an Upwork Top Rated freelancer means knowing your tasks well. If you are not confident you can do the job listed in the job description, don’t apply. Some freelancers are tempted to apply to any job post especially when they are desperate to find a job. Some do this especially when they are not hired yet for quite some time. However, it’s wise to refrain from jobs or even reject invitations if you cannot accomplish the task. We are not saying that you shouldn’t take any risk by applying challenging projects. What we are implying is that you apply, make sure you have the basic skills to get it done. Getting a contract and not having the right skill to accomplish it will affect your rating and your JSS.

2.) Avoid scams

It is important not to jump right away into all job posts and invites. Unfortunately, there are a lot of clients who are scamming freelancers especially the newbies, today. In order to prevent this, consider checking the client’s history before considering to apply. Check if there is information about them, if they have previous reviews if they have a website or online presence. Make sure that the client is legit. Being a part of any scammy transaction like bringing the contract outside of the Upwork platform will also affect your JSS.

3.) Be on top of your responsiveness

Poor communication will ruin any project. Before you start a contract, make sure that you fully understand what the client needs. How often do you need to send reports, how many time a week will you do team calls, etc. If you need clarity on anything, ensure to get in touch with the client as often as possible. Also keep in mind, check your email from time to time, so the client can reach you easily if there’s anything email or message to pass. Communicate effectively. Responding to the client’s message within the Upwork platform and responding to all job invites quickly will affect your JSS.

4.) Go Long Term Client Working Relationship

Long term or repeat client means client satisfaction and this plays a factor when it comes to your JSS. Longer-term relationships are a plus and can help boost your score so ensure that your clients are happy by providing quality work and being on top of your tasks. You can do this when you are confident about how each task is done.

Get trained today! Here are 15 Freelancing Skills To Learn To Level Up your 2020! We hope this: How to Become an Upwork Top Rated Freelancer guide was helpful. Let us know how we can assist you more. We are here to help.