Social Media for Business Success

Social media marketing is the new trend for promotion and advertising today. Most people are online on their mobile devices at least 2 hours a day. With the right strategy, every business owner can easily reach out potential buyers and boost business success. To do this, there should be a good technique which includes frequency of posts and the perfect time of posting.

Social Media Post Frequency

So how often should we post on social media? How can we effectively bring the message in the cyber space to gain traction?

A recent Buffer research discovered these results:

Facebook – 2 times per day
Twitter – 3 times per day
LinkedIn – 1 time per day
Google+ – 3 times per day
Pinterest – 5x per day
Instagram – 1.5 times per day

To add, you need to be guided with your Insights when to post best! So fun posting and reaching out to your target market…

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