Having a lot of free time is an advantage, since you can do a lot of things that will be beneficial to your future. Instead of wasting your time, why not read books, or even watch freelancing tutorials to broaden your knowledge.

Here are the ways to make your free time more productive.

Update your personal branding

One suggestion that may make your free time productive is by updating your personal branding. Invest your free time in reviewing and looking for opportunities to reinvent or update your personal branding.

Here are seven tips that will help you in updating your personal branding:

  1. Review and update your tagline in social media
  2. Review and update your biography
  3. Create brand guidelines
  4. Take a look inside of your brand (whether it need reinvention or updating)
  5. Clean up your social media accounts
  6. Learn something new
  7. Build up your energy

Take Online Training

Another option that will make your free time productive is by enrolling to an online course however, if you don’t have enough money to pay, consider the free courses from Udemy, Hubspot, and any other sites offering free webinars and training.

Instead of browsing your Facebook all day, attend to learn more things that will help your freelancing career.

Avoid Netflix, consciously

Time management is very important in our freelancing career. You need to divide your time to all of your activities in order not to miss any of those.

It is good to entertain ourselves with Netflix, however, bear in mind that we also have lots of responsibilities to do. Allocate a portion of your time for Netflix, let’s’ say 2-3 hours a day is enough.

Get going on a passion project that you love

When you love your work, you don’t feel like working at all, that’s the motivation you can get when you’re passionate towards your work.

As you like the thing that you are doing you will not be aware that time is moving, and you’ll never know that you already accomplished the task without feeling exhausted and tired. Keep doing your passion project because the work itself motivates you to be effective and efficient.

Don’t stress yourself

Stress is inevitable, that is why managing it depends on our hands. 

When it comes to accomplishing and delivering outputs, bear in mind to do it with all your heart, and never allow anything to interrupt you. Finish your exemplary outputs on time in order to avoid stress.

We desire all the best in your digital career. Happy freelancing!