To benefit from our Gmail Apps, we need to leverage the available offer it provides to us. Gmail is a famous email platform where we can send and receive emails. And, Gmail has a lot of applications that are useful for freelancing.

To all our students in different courses, we recommend using Gmail because you can do a lot of things. You can use it for organizing emails, and leverage numerous benefits that are relevant to your freelancing career.

1. Organizing Emails

Your Gmail account has so many functions that will give you convenience and will make your freelancing effective and efficient. You may be receiving a lot of emails in a day and oftentimes, organizing these emails can be difficult. Gmail is very helpful to that. In fact, you can add categories and in there, you can move and store your received emails based on the category that you created. Essentially, for more organized emails, you can manage emails and you can color the folder or so called “labels”.

2. Guide: Using Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides)

Google drive has FREE 15GB storage. You can store, manage and create documents, google sheets, google slides, upload folders, download, share, and many more. In google docs and sheets, you can download it at any version you want. When it comes to your freelancing process, Google drive is vital to make your tasks efficiently.

3. Guide: Using Calendar for freelancing schedules and appointments

In Google Apps, you can see all of the apps available. Some of the apps there are map, youtube, drive, play, meet, Gmail, photos, docs, sheets, slide, hangouts, podcasts and many more. In there, you can create tasks like to-do lists within the Gmail, manage calendar for clients and interviews, and add notes. In the calendar, you can manage schedules and appointments, edit time, add the email of the client and will give notification a few minutes before the meeting.

4. Chats, Hangouts… and more!

Google Hangouts is very useful especially if you’re going to chat or video call with your client. With hangouts, you don’t have to go out on a Gmail platform to communicate to clients because Google has provided a platform for chatting and conferencing.

Don’t just use Gmail only for sending and receiving emails, you can do SO MUCH MORE in this one platform. And it’s something we can all benefit as #freelancers.

I hope you found these little tips helpful in your freelancing.

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