CHARACTER is what will define your freelancing success because, at the end of the day, it’s not about your skills and expertise but your character. The right character in handling your clients is needed for you to deliver tasks effectively. But what will sustain your freelancing success?

Handling the client-relationship with professionalism and integrity can be your dividing line between long term relationships and having to start all over again…

Here are some of the characters to one needs to embrace:

1. Commitment

Make sure that you can commit to the requirements of the tasks. Whether time-wise or quality of work, commitment is the ability to fulfil the tasks.

Also, as a freelancer, you need to commit to delivering expectations with professionalism.

2. Track record, not words

Many are big with words but don’t have the character to sustain success. A lot of freelancers have great Portfolios, Certification, and even Experiences, however, when it comes to fulfilling tasks, the way they fulfil their tasks is a bit far in how they present themselves during the interview.

If you have long term clients, it means enthusiasm, integrity, hard work, and work ethics because you’re not jumping from one client to another.

3. Integrity

This is one of the most right characters in handling clients because it implies your credibility not just as a freelancer but also as a person.

Doing things right even if no one is watching is showing integrity. Also, being accountable with time worked and keeping the confidentiality of the business info and operational procedures is a great indication that you have integrity.

The three mentioned right characters in handling clients are the top three traits that each freelancer must possess to keep up your career.

To sustain success, you need to embrace the right character in handling clients because you are not just providing services to your clients but, also giving value.

Now that you learned the right character in handling clients, are you ready to start your freelancing career?

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