Freelancing Rates, Prices and Packages 

Both newbies and seasoned freelancers need guidance on freelancing rates, prices, and packages. It is sometimes difficult to decide on what should we charge our clients. Should we give them freelancing rates, prices, and packages base on our niches? Or should we based on experience and expertise?

How to Charge Clients

Our freelancing rates, prices, and packages should according to our ability to produce quality assistance that clients start to grow their business. The more become an asset to the company, the more we are paid well. Here is a guide on how we can charge clients with different freelancing rates, prices, and packages based on our freelancing growth.

Freelancing Rates

Guide: Hourly

  • In training – $4/hour
  • Trained – $5/hour
  • Experienced – $6/hour
  • Expert – $7/hour

Guide: Fixed

  • In training – $300/month
  • Trained – $400/month
  • Experienced – $500/month
  • Expert – $600/month

Freelancing Prices

What is the designed monthly pay per niche? Here is a guide:

  • Software Engineer – Php30,000-Php160,000/month
  • Web Designer – Php15,000-Php169,000/month
  • Web Developer – Php20,000-Php160,000/month
  • App Developer – Php15,000-Php160,000/month
  • Human Resources (HR) Manager – Php35,000-Php150,000/month
  • Accountant/Bookkeeper – Php15,000-Php106,000/month
  • Telemarketer – Php12,000-PHP 106,000/month
  • Translator – Php15,000-Php100,000/month
  • Programmer – Php10,000-Php100,000/month
  • Virtual Assistant – Php10,000-Php79,000/month
  • SEO Manager/SEO Specialist – Php15,000-Php58,000/month
  • PPC Specialist – Php20,000-Php53,000/month
  • E-Commerce Specialist – Php13,000-Php53,000/month
  • Social Media Manager/Social Media Marketing Specialist – Php15,000-Php38,000/month
  • Content Editor / Proofreader – Php12,000-Php64,000/month
  • Video Editor – Php10,000-Php55,000/month
  • Writer – Php10,000-Php53,000/month
  • Customer Support/Technical Support Representative – Php10,000-Php53,000/month
  • Lead Generation Specialist – Php18,000-Php40,000/month
  • Graphic Artist/Designer – Php10,000-Php42,000/month
  • Online English Teacher/ESL Tutor – Php15,000-Php35,000
  • Digital Marketing Strategist – Php15,000-Php30,000/month
  • Transcriptionist – Php10,000-Php27,000/month
  • Blogger – Php5,000-Php27,000/month
  • Data Entry Specialist – Php8,000-Php21,000

Freelancing Packages

Here the questions you personally need to answer in creating your freelancing package:

  • Identify what services are you providing
  • What is the coverage?
  • How much is the package cost
  • Reporting/Analytics setup
  • How clients can get started

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Charge Higher when you Become Better

Treat your freelancing services as a business! You need to be established as a freelancing because you can start to change clients more when you are deemed as an authority in the field. You are able to provide more value and can bring more ROI to the business. The more you can provide expert advice, excellent work and more ROI for clients the more that you will be paid higher. Gain some skills and master them. There are a lot of freelancing free resources on the internet.

Hope this helps! Happy freelancing. 

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