Meet the FVA Trainers

Coach Grace

Julmar Grace Locsin

Social Media In-Depth Course, SEO In-Depth Course and Digital MarketingTrainer

Coach Jay

Jay Locsin

Real Estate Virtual Assistance Course Trainer

Coach Divine

Divine Corcio

eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Online Arbitrage & Amazon Course Trainer

Coach Dom

Dominic Roy Domingo

Full Stack Web Development Course & App (Software) Development Course Trainer

Coach Garlie & Dyan

Garlie Paul & Dyan Uriat

 Customer Service, Sales and Support Course Trainers

Coach Shey

Shey Velasquez

Brand Marketing and Advertising & Business and Product Development Course Trainer

Coach Vee

Vee Perez

Chatbot Management and Marketing & Business Digital Automations Course Trainer

Coach Noel

Noel Fernandez

ClickFunnels Course Trainer

Coach Eshie

Eshie Fernandez

Email Marketing In-Depth Course Trainer

Coach Rob

Robbie Jean Lorenzo

English for Freelancers Course Trainer

Coach Kathy

Kathy Cabradilla 

Facebook Ads Marketing Trainer

Coach Lovely

Luvneizkah Canoy

Graphics Design Course Trainer

Fphylis Erica Villareal

Human Resource Management Course Trainer

Jenn Mae Clarisse San Pedro, CPA

Online Accounting Course Trainer

Coach Hannah

Hannah Galvez

 Online Teaching and Online School Management Course Trainer

Coach Hazel

Hazel May Balayo

Podcast Management and Marketing Course Trainer

Princess Nano

Online Bookkeeping, Quickbooks Certification Plus and  Xero Certification Course Trainer

Coach Warren

Warren Alegria

Video Editing Course Trainer

Coach Michelle

Michelle Macaraig

Web Design Course Trainer

Keren Keziah Ame

Project Management Course Trainer

Randiss Cadiogan

Shopify Course Trainer

John Cornwill

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat Intensive Ads Course Trainer