The successful freelancing couple is proof of how powerful when they joined forces. This is due to the reason that when a couple works together as a freelancer, it enhances the potential to earn faster and bigger.

Chai Delos Reyes and Aries Jimenez are both from Freelancing Course, batch Feb this year. They’re both from the call center and some other jobs from the corporate setting. They started freelancing together but, each has its own time in blooming. As a result, in the transition phase, the two have different experiences and challenges. Working at home is serious so, it requires a lot of discipline.

What Were the Challenges in Transitioning to Freelancing

It was the beginning and end of the course when Chai got hired while Aries was not yet hired. For Aries, it has been difficult to sell out himself but it did not stop him to thrive. In fact, Chai keeps on motivating him, which is one of the reasons they became a successful freelancing couple. One of Chai’s challenges was the transition itself. Because she was used to working facing people, it was difficult for her to work at home. To cope with such a struggle, she created a routine to lighten her mood before starting to work. Another challenge she experienced was time management.

What Experiences that You Don’t Expect to Experience in Freelancing

Huge growth is one of the amazing things that happened to both Chai and Aries. First, the successful freelancing couple keeps on growing. Through freelancing, they aspire higher; to become an entrepreneur. Next is being able to do what you’re passionate about. There are a lot of people who graduated in certain courses and having difficulty working in line with the course. In freelancing, you can work on what you graduated and what you want to work on. Lastly, a clearer career path is being enjoyed by the couple because, during their corporate career, they don’t have any idea what to aspire. For them, freelancing is about pursuing your passion while creating and defining your future.

What are the Pros and Cons in Working Freelancing as A Couple

Since Chai and Aries are working freelancing as a couple, they’re working in one office. There are times they have so many clients. So, they’re busy and there are moments where they don’t have time to talk with each other. Next is, the sharing of ideas where most of the time they end up contradicting each other. These can be cons of freelancing but, freelancing is a matter of seeing things where you can benefit. Most of the time, these struggles that freelancers experience will make them stronger and competitive. In fact, doing freelance work as a couple, helps the couple to grow stronger.

Where Can You See Yourself 5 Years From Now and What are the Tips You Want to Share

The couple’s dream is to create and register a freelancing agency and right now they’re proud because they already registered it. The agency is a mission of the couple where they envision to help more people to alleviate lives. The couple has been doing a lot of research together which makes the research solid.

A few of the tips shared by the couple are:

1. Don’t be afraid to share your freelancing practices because when you share, you gain more.
2. Observe, learn, and be inspired to take their freelancing to the next level.
3. Be confident in your skills and knowledge because in that way you can attract clients.

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