Coach Michelle of Learn Web Design with Filipino Virtual Assistance, FVA Trainer of the Web Design Course was a struggling freelancer before FVA. She is very interested in Web Design even before. But she did not have opportunities coming her way until she became an FVA student.

Coach Michelle Career Before Freelancing

Web designing has been the dream of Coach Michelle. She wasn’t able to pursue it in college because of many reasons. Thus, after graduation, she studied web designing in another school. And then, later on, landed a job in a bank. For more than twelve years, Coach Michelle did not get a chance to be working as a web designer. But, she did not lose hope. She was even grateful to her previous work.

Coach Michelle Whys in Transitioning to Freelancing?

Coach Michelle decided to shift freelancing when her family starts to grow. Three of the things that make here decide is that in freelancing:

1. Can pursue my career as a web designer
2. Can work from home
3. Grow in my career and have financial stability

Before Coach Michelle resigned, she took a lot of training online. And, it was the time when a friend suggested to her FVA. Right after the effectivity of resignation, she started her training in FVA. She was part of the freelancing batch 22 and the apprenticeship batch 1.

Coach Michelle Freelancing Journey

Starting was a real struggle to Coach Michelle. Some of the struggles she experienced were:

1. Upwork account got suspended
2. Scammed in first clients
3. Experience several rejections

To survive the struggles, she optimized her website and social media pages. She focused on LinkedIn and Facebook groups. She connected several groups and sent a cold message to a potential client. In doing this, she always makes sure that she focuses on providing solutions. That’s why she did research to have a brief knowledge about the business before reaching out. The basic thing that she did was to identify her target market and go for social media groups where her targets dwell.

The first job for Coach Michelle was graphic designing using canva. In fulfilling her tasks, she ensures to produce quality output. Also, she proves proactiveness by suggesting helpful strategies for the business to grow.

After two months, the client referred her to a friend which is the growing start of her career. From that moment on, her career grows until she becomes an FVA Coach.

Coach Michelle Tips to Share

Here are tips that Coach Michelle found very helpful to her freelancing career. 

1. Prepare yourself before transitioning
2. Do a lot of research and identify what are your skills
3. Get a Coach and be part of a freelancing community
4. Identify your whys
5. Be consistent and take action
6. It’s good to have a support system
7. Build your brand (website, social media)
8. Identify your target market and connect with them
9. Don’t be afraid to start small
10. Make your clients happy, you will be rewarded later on
11. Continue taking opportunities that will challenge you to grow

Check out Coach Michelle’s journey and how she was able to go from one milestone to another in freelancing through FVA. Learn how YOU, too can also win your battles and open many doors of opportunities with FVA. Who knows you might be the next Coach FVA needs to expand its mission.

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