Success in freelancing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistency, effort and value to build a name in the online industry. It is for a fact that freelancing can be an avenue to achieve financial freedom but it takes a lot of hard work, strong set of skills, and willingness to learn from others to be successful.

Freelancing Success Tips

I have been into freelancing for almost 5 years now. With my years of experience, I have come up with some freelancing tips that might be of help to really land on the job you want:

1. Focus on an Expertise and Master it.
Know your craft. Assess yourself as to which area you are good at and capable of doing. It’s ok to be a master of all trades but it’s even better to stay focus on your field of expertise and master it.  Aligning yourself with the right task can be very easy once you are in your strength zone.

Once you have already identified your niche, master it. Mastery happens when one devotes himself to learning and improving his craft. When you are an expert in the field, it would establish your credibility as a freelancer; therefore, there is a greater chance for employment.

2. Update all your Branding Portfolios, Emails, Signatures, Skype, Freelancing Profiles, SMM sites, Freelancing Websites.
All these things are vital in your freelancing career. Updating all your sites indicates that you are active and open for employment opportunity. It makes easy for clients to contact you and see how much you have accomplished in your job as a freelancer. In freelancing, make sure Build a Solid Brand in all your sites. Branding defines an overall perception of yourself to clients. They serve as your tool to market yourself in the competitive online industry. Make sure to highlight your skills and experiences and showcase your best work in order to easily notice by them. 

3. Have an Outstanding  Resume
Resumes are your ticket to get good impression for potential employers. You have to understand that employers will only take seconds to glance on each resume and getting noticed by them depends on how you present it. Make sure that your resume stands out by providing right information, highlighting your work experiences and arming up your professional background.

4. Take Every Application an Opportunity
Never be afraid of rejection. Rejections will always be part of the process. Make use of the available connects to apply for a job. Millions of job opportunities offer online so make most of it by applying to different online sites. One of the factors why people have a hard time finding a client because fears haunt them from applying. You will never know if you are hired until you have tried applying.

5. Rock Your Interviews
Interviews are like marketing yourself. When you market yourself, you have to understand that you’re not the only choice they have so you better get the best of yourself. The success rate of landing a job depends on how well you manage the interview. During the interview, make sure you set a good impression to the employer not only with your credentials but with your personality as well.

During the interview be sure to:

  • Be at least 5 minutes early or on time – Time is very essential to every employer. If you are late during the interview, they might associate it on how you perform at work.
  • Be Well-Prepared – Do the research. Make sure you have enough background of the company or the job you are applying for. Research also some possible questions that the employer might asked about.
  • Strive to Impress – Always set a good impression. Make an impact by not only presenting your work experiences                          background but also portraying notable personality and impressive work ethical values.

6. Have the Character
Maintaining your credibility and integrity is very important. It builds trust which then lead to a long-term commitment between employee and employer. Thus, this requires good character in the workplace. Below are some of the characters we have to master.

  • Be Resourceful – Being resourceful means having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. With a resourceful mindset, you are driven to find ways to whatever setbacks that you might be facing in your freelancing journey. Technologies and internet are your best resources to get through in your freelancing tasks.
  • Have an Initiative – Initiative is the practice of looking for ways that you can contribute to the company, team, and boss. Bosses are busy people and not all the time that they are available to track your work and sit down with you to discuss every detail of the tasks. Mostly, they want their team members to be independent and with less supervision.
  • Deliver –  Make sure to deliver right service. Don’t put yourself in jeopardy by compromising your integrity. Don’t overpromise to your client of something you are not sure of. Just be honest of what you can only do and what you can achieve.
  • Be on Time – Be on time when there is client call. Be on time during interview and most especially be on time in submitting work on its deadline. Little things like these show how determine and passionate you are in your work.
  • Be Proactive – Being proactive means you have taken careful and thoughtful steps to choose an appropriate paths. This means you are making timely and effective actions to whatever problems you might encounter. You must have the ability to foresee obstacles and taking ownership and accountability to it by confronting the problems head on before it grows to an overwhelming dilemma.

7. Keep the Faith
Above all, keep your faith grounded in God’s hand. If you have waited long-enough for you to have your first client, don’t stop applying and don’t stop believing. After all, God is a giver of all things and He knows that there will always be a time for everything and for sure there will be a time for you too.

Hope these freelancing tips help! God bless!