Freelancing attitudes are important in your freelancing career. As a freelancer, you will be working with multi-national clients. These clients are different that’s why you need to establish these freelancing attitudes to yourself.

Most of the successful freelancers do not succeed because of their expertise alone. But, because of the freelancing attitudes that they established within them.

Here are nine freelancing attitudes for you to start with your freelancing career. These are just normal attitudes. But, if you will learn it, there’s a guarantee that you will be a successful freelancer.

These freelancing attitudes are:

1. Growth-mindset

One of the freelancing attitudes for you to have long term clients to have a growth mindset. The freelancing industry is always changing and for you to be competitive, you need to be always growing. You need to believe that you need to grow for you to gain more experience, more authority, and more expertise. Also, you must inculcate in your mind that working hard and be willing to get paid low is good. Not all freelancers start at high rates, sometimes, most of them received low rates. And others are even doing freelancing at first for FREE. This is a good start-up since getting hired for the first time is difficult.

2. Teachable

Of all the freelancing attitudes, being teachable is one of the difficult traits to have. It’s because many freelancers believe that they know everything. Because of the training and experiences that they have, they thought they should do the tasks according to their will. What they don’t know is that the client is their boss, thus, what the client wants should be followed. It’s about being open-minded. You may have the skills or expertise harnessed by the training and experiences that you had. But, to be teachable means listening to your clients. And, be willing to learn because each day is an everyday learning day.

3. Willingness to put in the work to grow

There are freelancers who assume that freelancing is multi-level networking. They thought that once they’re finished with the course and training, clients will be provided to them. This is a wrong mindset. It’s because, in freelancing, there’s hard work involved. You will experience sleepless nights and a lot of hardships. Freelancing is not an “overnight success.” You must be willing to put in the work. This is one of the freelancing attitudes that a beginner should learn. Having this trait will bring your career to success.

4. Working with a team

Freelancing is not about working alone. There are times where you need to work with teams. Thus, flexibility and open-mindedness are vital to becoming successful. There are also times when you need to work alone. Yet, in the freelancing world, each business has a team. And, a team effort is beneficial to reaching the business’ goals.

5. Accountability

Whatever you’re working on, you need to be accountable for your outputs. Also, you need to be accountable for your responsibilities. And, if ever you commit some mistakes, be willing to accept and apologize. Then, improve through avoiding to commit the same mistakes again.

6. Time management

In freelancing, you will be serving many clients. So, for you to be a productive client, you must have excellent time management skills. Creating a checklist is one of the excellent ways to be on top of your freelancing tasks.

7. Flexibility

Freelancing is not about earning big and working at your own comfort. But, it’s about the willingness to grow in the business. You may start in freelancing with a certain skillset. But, as you go along with your career, you will learn a lot of skills and you will be flexible and be willing to do an extra mile in pursuing it. As long as you are flexible, in freelancing, you can learn anything and grow.

8. Resourcefulness

This is another freelancing attitude that a freelancer must own to be successful. Being resourceful is taking initiative and being proactive. This attitude is beneficial since a lot of clients are busy and they don’t have time to micro-manage you. Often times clients hire freelancers with less supervision.

9. Determination

Freelancing is not an “overnight success”. Yes, freelancing is a promising career. Yet, you will experience tests and many struggles for you to become a strong and well-established freelancer.

These freelancing attitudes are important for freelancers to grow. The success with the freelancers can not be measured by their expertise only. But, with the attitudes that they have, and the value they can provide to their clients.

I hope the tips that I shared will be helpful as you will take your first step in your #freelancing career.

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