Freelancing applications are vital to more efficient and productive freelance work. Having more productive and effective work means getting quality, long-term, and high-paying clients.

These five freelancing applications must-haves can help you achieve efficiency and productivity, resulting in “good taste” (The Practice – Seth Godin) on your freelancing work.

Five Freelancing Applications Must-Haves for Freelancers


1. Google Applications

One of the top freelancing applications that every freelancer’s toolbox should include is Google Applications. It is a suite of web-based messaging and collaboration applications that Google hosts on its servers. In addition, Google provides these applications as a “service,” rather than as software to download and install. Therefore, you will use a web browser on a computer connected to the Internet to use these apps.

The Top Five Google Applications are:

1. Google Chrome
2. Gmail
3. Google Calendar
4. Google Meet
5. Google Drive

Freelancing Applications Must Have - Google Applications

Other Google Applications are:

(1) Google docs

Using Google Docs, you can edit word documents.  Additionally, you can share your documents anywhere you want. As well, if you’re going to, you can collaborate with multiple users to edit a document, regardless of their distance from you. Moreover, everyone with a Google account can use it for FREE. Plus, it works offline, so your data is never lost, even if you lost your internet connection.

(2) Google slides

A free presentation creator, like MS Powerpoint, is offered by Google Slides. Adding images, slides, and text will make your presentation look appealing. In addition, it is FREE to use, easy to collaborate with others, and easy to share your slides. And, it is easy to access anywhere, regardless of the device you are using.

(3) Google Sheets

Google sheets is the same as MS Excel. You can create and format spreadsheets and collaborate with other people anywhere around the globe. Above all, it is FREE to use on any devices you have, as long as you have a Google account.

(4) Google Forms

Many are using Google forms for surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires. Additionally, there are pre-made themes to choose from, or you can also create your template if you like. Besides, you can create Google forms, share them from a link, or you can even embed them on your website. And, the same with others, this is also completely FREE to use.

2. Grammarly


Freelancing Applications Must Have - Grammarly
When it comes to your writing, Grammarly is your best friend. It is a writing tool where it corrects your mistakes like:

  • Typos
  • Repetitive words
  • Comma usage
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar

Another benefit when you utilize Grammarly in your freelancing is it enhances your writing style and vocabulary. In addition, it allows you to create your own dictionary. Above all, it tracks your improvements through performance stats.

You can use this freelancing tool for FREE. However, having a PRO account allows you to embrace more advantages.

3. Krisp

Freelancing Applications Must Have - Krisp
Background noises are one of our struggles as a freelancer. And for us to minimize or even hinder the noise from being heard by our clients or teammates, using a freelancing tool like Krisp is an excellent help.

Krisp is a fantastic tool that empowers you to be productive, even if you have background noises.

How to install Krisp? Here’s a complete guide on installing and troubleshooting KRISP on your desktop or computer:

4. Canva

As for creating content like social media posts, reports, slides, outro for Youtube videos, Canva is your friend. It is part of freelancer’s powerful freelancing applications, where it empowers every freelancer to produce great graphics. Also, excellent features of Canva includes:

Canva Features

5. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools

An effective digital marketing strategy begins with keyword research. Thanks to Small SEO Tools, where it provides various capabilities that help much on our freelancing. Furthermore, this freelancing application offers much more than keyword research. It is a comprehensive tool for freelancers. The site has many tools like keyword density checking, image editing tools, and online article tools.

Small SEO Tools started with just three SEO tools. Currently, they offer over 120 SEO tools and content tools. As a result, this makes the tool the greatest concentration of SEO tools on the Internet.

While using these apps is free, there are limitations. To make the most of these freelancing tools, register with a PRO or PREMIUM account. Thus, by using these tools, you will be able to unleash the power of freelancing.

I hope that these freelancing tools will help you to have a thriving freelancing career. And if you need more guides like this, subscribe to FVA Youtube Channel here:, and FVA Facebook Page:



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