FreeeUp Referral Program

So what is FreeeUp? It is a virtual assistant service that offers virtual assistant services to customers and clients all over the globe where they meticulously screen freelancers for their marketplace. FVA on its mission to equip Filipino families one freelancer at a time is excited to announce that we are will be providing FreeUp freelancers through its referral program! This will help FreeUp have trained and experienced virtual assistant applicants. This will also mean FVA’s graduates now more opportunities for online jobs as more hiring opportunities are coming their way after the course! Welcome to the FreeUp and FVA partnership.

FreeeUp Referral Program Guidelines & Instructions

This partnership is done through a referral process with the following objectives:

  • To provide and maintain the protocol for the referral of Filipino Virtual Assistance students for FreeeUp job hiring platform
  • To provide an organized and structured support mechanism for FVA students in preparation for the FreeeUp Referral and hiring opportunities
  • To develop strong work ethics and behaviors through the identification of developmental areas and continuous improvement of strengths.
  • To provide additional feedback towards interested FVA students to be used as a basis for future referral qualifications
  • To ensure higher Success Rate from Filipino Virtual Assistance referrals

In order to avail possible hiring with FreeUp through FVA, these requirements need to be observed:

  • A completed FVA Course (lessons and application assignments) to ensure quality training. It can be from any of FVA’s online courses:
  1. Freelancing Course
  2. Social Media In-Depth Course
  3. SEO In-Depth Course
  4. Real Estate Investing Tasks Course
  5. MS Excel In-Depth Course
  6. Clickfunnels Course
  7. Email Marketing
  8. eCommerce Course

When these two requirements are completed and verified by the FVA Services team, the FVA graduate can move on with FreeUp application. Here are the steps.

  • Interested students should email their respective coaches to convey their interest in the FreeeUp referral program.
  • Coaches should double check students’ credentials and should only approve qualified students. Coaches then update the Master File and share it ONLY to qualified students.
  • Verified and qualified students may then proceed with the FreeeUp application by following these steps:

1. Open https://freeeup.com/

2. Select ‘Apply As A Freelancer’

3. After filling up Question #1 with your Full Name, select A. Referral for Question #2.

4. Type in ‘Noemi Gonzales‘ for Question #3 for the Referral Name. FVA Coach Noemi Gonzales is our current Point of Contact for FreeeUp & FVA. Make sure to put her name as the answer for Question #3 (Referred by) to ensure that your referral will fall under FVA.

5. Complete the remaining Questions and give it your best!

Please note that being referred under the FVA banner does not automatically mean you get the job. You will, however, be you will be prioritized by the FreeeUp internal team for the selection process with the FVA endorsement. FreeeUp only gets the top 1% of the applicants, so make sure to give it your best shot!

Freelancing opportunities are everywhere. But those who are fully equipped with the right training and experience make the cut! Be the best freelancer you can be. Start your freelancing journey with FVA today.