What is an outro?

Creating an outro is the same as a snap of our fingers because you can instantly create an engaging outro using a free outro maker. Due to free, editable, and artistic templates, you don’t need to have a high level of expertise to create a compelling outro design.

Hootsuite claimed that people are watching Youtube videos for more than a billion hours every day, which is why you need to improve your youtube videos’ strategies because the opportunities are much greater. 

What is the importance of an outro to your Youtube videos?

Usually, when a video is about to end, the viewer will instantly watch the next suggested video or immediately leave your Youtube Channel. And you don’t want to let that happen because you want the viewer to engage and take action while watching your video.

How to use a free outro maker to your Youtube videos

One of the best sites that offer free outro makers is Canva. A graphic design platform with a comprehensive option of free artistic and editable templates. Here’s how to create a great outro for your youtube videos:

1. Open Canva

If you don’t have a Canva account yet, you need to sign up using your Facebook or Gmail account. But, if you have an existing account, it’s a lot easier because all you need to do is log in. Then, in the search tool, type “outro” design type. You can then either create a design from scratch or use an inspiring template.

2. Choose the right template.

Here’s why Canva is incredible. The design platform offers a lot of outro templates in every theme. By browsing in the search tool, you can use the filter to get the specific template you like. And, when you found the best template, add it to your page.

3. Explore features

After adding the best template, you can edit and customized it based on your branding. You can add images and text to your outro. Also, you can play with the elements found in Canva’s library. Lastly, when you add a photo, apply effects and animations to bring life to your designs.

4. Personalize the chosen template

All the awesome outro templates are editable. You can upload your photos, images, artwork, and branding elements and add them to your design. Also, you can pick a unique color scheme and font style to transform your outro creatively. Plus, you can add a final touch like an audio track to your design.

5. Save and upload

There are two ways to download and save your creation:

  1. Download it as MP4 and add it to your Youtube video.
  2. Download as GIF and add it to the end of your Youtube videos. 

But, if you need more adjustments, you can go back to your design and edit. Save your creation again and attach it to the video.


Now, are you ready to create a great Youtube video with an efficient and superior design outro on your Youtube videos? Go here to see the amazing free templates.



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