What is an Email Marketing


Email Marketing is an effective marketing strategy for sending emails to prospects and customers. Having an email marketing strategy keeps the value of your customer relations.

The email marketing technique also helps you increase brand awareness by getting your email messages into your potential customers’ inboxes. It is an example of an effective marketing strategy that makes the prospect or customers aware of your new products, discounts, and other services. On top of that, it educates your audience on the value of your brand. And it keeps customers engaged between their purchases.


25 Benefits Why you Need To Get Started With Email Marketing


1. Customers check their emails every day.


Many are checking their emails every day. That is why you can leverage email marketing in your digital marketing strategies as a freelancer, marketer, or business owner. Through email marketing, businesses can market their products and services digitally.

As an effect of sending emails to your prospects or customer, they will be aware of what’s going on in your business. They can also monitor clearance sales or the launching of new products in your business.


2. Drive more conversion

In your email list, you’ll have prospects where you can share insights and tips that they can benefit from. And when they like the value you provided them, these prospects will eventually convert into customers.


3. More cost-effective than a traditional marketing tactic

Compared to traditional marketing strategies like billboards and tv ads, email marketing is more cost-effective. Why? This is because when you send the first 200 emails, it is FREE of charge. And your target audience will instantly receive your message when you sent it.

4. Automate your sales cycle


Automating emails is also leveraging digital marketing strategy to your sales cycle. This is because email marketing is the simplest and convenient way of sending welcome messages and value emails to express your gratitude to your customers. Through email, you can introduce yourself, and it is a hassle-free way of announcing a monthly sale or launching a new offer in the market.


5. Increase traffic to your website

An educational email possesses videos and blogs through links. When the audience clicks the link, it will redirect the audience to a blog, landing page, or video. Thus, it drives much traffic to the website and any social media accounts.

6. Easy to track and measure, it gives you insights.


Email marketing tools will provide insights and reports where you can easily track and monitor. The report presents the click and open rates as well as those who unsubscribed from your email list.

7. Increase brand awareness


Delivering emails to prospects and customers is a robust process of making them aware that your business exists and your company has valuable offers. Using an email marketing platform, you can automatically send one email to all audiences in your email list. Because of this capability, increasing brand awareness is one click away.

8. People prefer email


People prefer email because it has a personal approach. Unlike SMS and any other form, email has no rule regarding the number of characters to use. Therefore, as a freelancer, marketer, and business owner, you can express what you want to convey in the email that you will be sending.

9. Target your email marketing for best results

Because the email platform will provide you reports, you’ll be able to analyze the emails that generate the best results. So, your email marketing strategies will target the same practices and focus more on the relevant ones.

10. Help build your credibility.


Providing valuable insights consistently like tips, tutorials, and anything that helps your audience’s pain points will attract specific interested people. Thus, you will start to build relationships with them, which will then boost your credibility.

11. Use email marketing to strengthen your relationship.

When you’re able to establish credibility with your audiences, you can bring in more voices, those who are struggling. How can you possibly do that? Send an email with a personalized approach and ask them directly about their struggles and pain points. And if you give value-based email, you can build and maintain a relationship with your network.

This way, you can serve your target audience effectively.

12. Email marketing content is shareable.

For instance, you are sending a value-based email. When the audience appreciates and realizes the importance of your email, the audience can easily share the content with anyone.

13. Reach people on any device

Emails are available on any device. It can be a personal computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. You can have access to your email anywhere you go, provided you have a connection.

14. Add a personal touch to your marketing.

Adding a personal touch to emails is a strategic way of establishing trust and credibility with your audiences. Email is an excellent avenue for both digital marketing and a personalized approach. In email marketing, you are like speaking directly to them by using your audiences’ names while providing relevant content.

15. It’s the perfect way to build an exciting way of promotions.

Email marketing is another perfect way to build an exciting way of promotions because you can directly tell your audience that you have sales and discounts in the coming days. And these promotions excite the audience more.

16. Email saves time while reaching the largest audience possible.

In email marketing, you can quickly send one email to all in your email list plus, you’ll receive the immediate report afterward. If you have 200 emails on your list, you can send emails for free. But, if you have more than 200 subscribers, you need to upgrade your subscription. The more you are growing your email list, the more you save time reaching your big network.

If you have other marketing channels on your website, you can add an email marketing sign-up and share it on your social media sites. It helps you save time while sending as many audiences as possible.

17. Help you with increased abandoned cart conversions.

This benefit applies to eCommerce stores where many visited the site, put items in the cart, and then leave without checking out. Sending an email is another productive way of sending reminders and retargeting those who visited the store but did not purchase.

18. Email Marketing provides real-time communication.

Once you send the email, the prospect or your customers can read it right away. Let say you are reminding your audience about a sale that will end soon. The audience will be reminded immediately.

19. You can stay on top of mind


Another benefit of using email marketing is to make subscribers excited for upcoming promotions. Whether you are promoting products and services on sale or buy 1 take 1, this promotional channel will lead to conversion.

20. Testing email content helps you optimize content.

After crafting your email, you can send it to your email for testing. Due to this benefit, you’ll be able to optimize your content and check for any errors conveniently.

21.  It integrates easily into your other marketing channels

Email Marketing integrates effortlessly to any marketing channels. You can mainly use social media content, a blog, or a video and use it in your email to increase traffic. You can also use content from email marketing to your social media posts.

22. You can reach your customers easily

Your email list is the most crucial thing in your email marketing strategy. By sending emails to your subscribers, you can deliver valuable content instantly. And you can immediately see the results. Plus, this marketing effort costs less compared to any digital advertising.

23. It’s easy to get started

Getting started with your first campaigns is easy. Platforms offer templates and tools to help you set up your first campaign conveniently. There are also automation tools for setting up drip campaigns like triggering particular email messages when individuals take a specific action like leave their shopping cart or visit the pricing page on your website.

24. Email is versatile

Another unique benefit of email marketing is that email provides a more versatile channel for communicating with your customers. Besides text and images, you can attach files, videos, and links to bring the audience to relevant content.

25. There are no character limits in Email Marketing

While digital ads limit the number of characters you can use in your brand messaging, email has no character limits. You have the freedom to express your thought, but this excellent benefit does not mean that you should send longer emails because there might be instances where subscribers will get bored to read your email. We want to imply that you always consider your target audience and then your email marketing goals to have an effective and efficient marketing strategy.


Email Marketing Platforms


Get Started With Email Marketing


  1. Sign up
  2. Build audiences – mailing lists
  3. Create campaigns – email marketing formats you’re sending.
  4. Automatedale cycle
  5. Landing pages
  6. Send/schedule
  7. Test
  8. Monitor

Email Marketing Format


  1. To – audience
  2. From – name, company, email
  3. Subject
  4. Subject preview
  5. Content
  6. Header
  7. Title
  8. Contents
  9. Photo
  10. Video
  11. Links
  12. Footer

Best Practices in Email Marketing


  • Make your subject interesting
  • Always have a subject preview.
  • Send email campaigns at the right time.
  • Pick the right email frequency.
  • Pay attention to email deliverability.
  • Use a memorable sender name.
  • Test your email subject lines
  • Use confirmed opt-in links.
  • Use lead magnets
  • Drive click-throughs with engaging content
  • Test your emails before hitting send
  • Inspire action
  • Segment your audience
  • Pull people in with your header.
  • Make better use of the footer.

When it comes to your marketing efforts. May it be social media, click funnels, SEO or email marketing always remember to provide value and guidelines, don’t always be sound salesy.

I hope this has been helpful to your career, as a freelancer, marketer, or business owner.

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