Fear is the worst enemy of going successful because when you are fearful, you will achieve nothing. Having fear is normal but, what is not normal is loving your fear and allowing it to stop you from doing freelancing.

Here are different types of fear and tips in facing your fears.

1.) Fear Of Rejection

As a freelancer, fear of rejection is normal, you can not do anything to avoid it, what you can do is to use it for motivation. When you are a newbie, you easily feel discouraged and you want to quit easily, always remember that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you are rejected now because something better is waiting for you, you only need to wait.

2.) You’re Just A Newbie In Freelancing

Most of us are doubting ourselves due to lack of experience because we are still a newbie in freelancing. But think about those experts in freelancing, are they experts the moment they take freelancing?

There’s no such as experts when you start freelancing because freelancing is a lifetime learning process, they started as a newbie, they conquer their fear, then they overcome all those challenges even though it was hard. They become successful because of the experiences and learning they got.

3.) Overthinking about your income will not suffice in paying your bills

All of us have bills to pay that is why we need to work hard in order to earn enough for the bills.  Especially if you are the breadwinner of the family, you will worry when things are falling apart, then you get stressed because of overthinking. The result of overthinking is bad, and it will not be healthy for you. Instead of worrying, manage your finances well and always allocate funds for emergencies for you to be prepared in whatever future occurrences that will come to you.

4.) What If Clients Don’t Like My Work?

It is normal to feel nervous when we get our first client. There are instances wherein the client doesn’t like your output, maybe because you don’t meet the clients standard or the clients is just high standard. Don’t worry, you’re just starting your career and eventually you will learn and improve your skills in the future.

5.) Just Do It

Let’s face it, if you will not do anything to make your dreams in freelancing come true,nothing will happen in your career. The dream will just remain a dream if you will not test the water, and you will be left behind. Start in your dreams by taking small steps, one at a time and then you will improve eventually. Freelancing is a long learning process and so do not expect to be successful overnight. Thrive hard and be positive always, this is the best attitude that will bring your career up.


Each of us have our own fears in life and because we are the in-charge of our lives, we need to overcome it. We can overcome those by allowing yourself to take little steps to conquer that fear

Conquering those fears is a great fulfillment and we will be proud of ourselves in the future. For you to be successful in freelancing, be ready, start now and face your fear!

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