Real Estate Virtual Assistance Course

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(Updated Real Estate Investing Tasks Course)



For GVAs, CRSs, Real Estate Personnel, REVAs

Before: P6000
Promo: P2500 (April 16-30)
Early Bird: P2000 (April 1-15)
Limited slots! For the first 50 paid reservations only

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Course Inclusions:Real Estate Basics, Types of Real Estate Tasks, Transaction Coordination and MLS, Residential Property: REO Task, Residential Property: REI Task , Commercial, Industrial and Land Properties Tasks, Real Estate Apps, CRMs and Sites, Using Social Media in Real Estate Marketing, Website Creation and Management for a Real Estate Company, Facebook Ads for Real Estate Campaigns

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Course Coverage:

  • Real Estate Basics
  • Types of Real Estate Tasks
  • Transaction Coordination and MLS
  • Residential Property: REO Task
  • Residential Property: REI Task
  • Commercial, Industrial and Land Properties Tasks
  • Real Estate Apps
  • CRMs and Sites
  • Using Social Media in Real Estate Marketing
  • Website Creation and Management for a Real Estate Company
  • Facebook Ads for Real Estate Campaigns


This is open for everyone:
– 18 years old up
– With or without experience
– Not techy or techy
– High school graduate up
– Mothers, Fathers, students, professionals


About the course:
– One of the most in-demand online jobs in the freelancing world
– Certified money-maker
– Quick hire when you’re trained and experienced
– Higher hourly rate
– Long-term clients
– Can sustain your family for years!


Yes, Filipino Virtual Assistance’s newest course is now open for enrollment!
– Six (6) online pre-recorded video lessons you can access anytime 24/7
– Two (2) live meetings: orientation and evaluation
– Self-paced training and coaching
– Actual and real applications to make sure you’re client-ready
– Guided training, you can email us questions, anytime
– You have a Coach, we will give feedback and suggestions
– Will not leave you until you have your first client


How This Course Changed Some of our Students’ Lives:

The REI course helped me sold houses and bought my own house!
The house and lot cost 2,180,000 and it was my first sale for this year, all glory to God ? . I’ve been in real estate since 2017 and sold 5 houses and 3 lots. I enjoyed my career in Real Estate but the income is not enough to support our needs because it is a commission based. Luckily, I saw the Ad of FVA and tried to enroll last year. After the training, I was hired and earn almost five digits in a week. I am so blessed to work at home and earn more than enough to feed my children, pay bills and most of all I can oversee my kids. FVA is really recommended, coaches are GREAT…AWESOME!!!
Opps almost forgot. The REI course helped me to sell those houses. Thanks to Coach Jay?
– Crysty

– Krishna


Allow us to teach you the very techniques of real estate virtual assistance tasks success! So let’s get you trained today and be out serving real estate clients tomorrow!