One misconception about freelancing is that it will be easy because you will be working online and a lot of tools are available. However, what they don’t know about starting a freelancing career is it has a lot of common freelancing problems and how a freelancer addresses each challenge is impactful to the freelancer’s success.

These are the 5 common problems that #freelancer go through when starting with remote working:

1. Time management

One of the common freelancing problems is time management. Especially to parents or mothers who want to change something from the usual career, they need to cope with their obligations as well as distractions. And, for them to be a successful freelancer, they need to thrive and work for it.

One way of starting with good time management is to create a to-do list for the day and mark each accomplished task. And, if you weren’t able to accomplish some tasks, transfer it to the next day, and make sure to finish it right away.

In shifting to a freelancing career, the freelancer needs to do a lot of adjustments and sacrifices but, the most effective way is to have the whole family adjust for the new set-up.

2. Choosing the right niche

Most people are eager to start freelancing however, one of the common freelancing problems is that the freelancer doesn’t know what services to offer to clients.

In this profile-based freelancing industry, you need to be competitive, so you must create your freelancing profile, resume, cover letter, and identify your niche.

To be able to identify your niche, start with something that you’re comfortable doing or you have experienced before and grow from there. Your freelancing niche will not be your forever niche because along the way, you will be learning and growing.

3. Branding

Branding is not always about the logo but, it’s more on the value that you can give to your clients.

This is another common freelancing problem because when you don’t know how to represent yourself as a freelancer, clients will not treasure and hire you.

Of course, branding starts from logo and consistency of colours and fonts, but it also includes the powerful services and value you can provide to your clients.

4. Scared of the unknown

Not all are comfortable with change because you don’t know the output if you take to change. Most of the time, greatness and success is discovered when you learn to take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Yes, it may be hard at first but, as you go along the process, you will see that the change is good. If you are not brave enough to face the challenge, you will not discover what awaits you; always dare to face your freelancing challenges.

5. Low confidence

Low confidence is another common freelancing problem where newbie freelancers experience. Most of the time, clients will hire confident freelancers because confidence incorporates attitude and expertise.

What you need to do is to practice speaking in front of a mirror, and see what you look like when you speak. By that, you can see how you present yourself, and you will improve it.

These five common freelancing problems were shared by FVA North Luzon Coach, Laurice Galang-Roco. Also, she shared how she overcame these problems based on her own experiences as a freelancer (3 years) and coach (1 year) now. You can watch the video here.

I hope this was been helpful to you. Now that you learned the important tips, are you ready to be hired as a virtual assistant?

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