Robbie Lorenzo

FVA Coach

Coach: Freelancing Course
Scope: Philippines – Central and Western Visayas

Education: Bachelors of Laws
Highest Educational Attainment: Bachelors of Laws

Freelancing Expertise and Experiences:

  • 7 Years Freelancing / SEO Writing
  • 13 years in Procurement
  • 5 years in Teaching

1. Reason for going home based.
I was brought up (like most kids) with the idea that you needed to go out of your home and have a job…always have a job. Never leave a job without a new one waiting for you.

And jobs meant corporate buildings with fancy offices, bosses, traffic, and everything that comes with it.

So I worked my way up the corporate ladder; went from one field to another finding myself. But in every job I was in, there was always something I seemed to be missing. Plus, getting higher up that ladder meant, bigger responsibilities, bigger demands, more stress, more hours spent in the office, and less at home. I started having health issues, and stress-related illness until I finally decided that it was not worth it.

This crisis turned out to be a blessing as this led me to explore other alternatives and possibilities…and the rest is history.

2. FVA Coach since
December 2017

3. How many students so far?
Around 75 students as of September of 2018

4. Common students’ challenges in freelancing?
Time and Commitment (Most of them are not that committed, some have very demanding jobs and tell me that they’ll forego focusing on freelancing for now)

5. What makes it fulfilling being an FVA Coach?
The idea that I am able to touch another person’s life, help out in developing another person, in helping a person realize his or her dreams… it’s a humbling privilege.

Life’s motto:
Do small things with great love.

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