Noy Villarin

FVA Coach

Scope: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration now taking Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at University of Caloocan City

Freelancing Expertise and Experiences:

I started as a Back Office Support (Claims, Data Analyst) then later shifted to HealthCare Credentialing, and Compliance I got promoted from a senior Credentialist until VP of Credentialing & Compliance; the last position I hold when I resigned, it’s a US-based company. Then lately shifted to Freelance VA, Social Media Manager as I am completing my Master’s degree.

Reason for going home-based:

There are a lot of reasons why I shifted to going home-based but I’ll list my top 3.

First, Proper time management and Multi-tasking. You can use some of your idle time to be productive with some personal stuff like I have a lot of pets and animals: Ducks, Guinea Pig, Dogs and Cats, Pigeons. So during my downtime I can go to them and feed them. Also, the hours allotted for transportation (4-8 hours depending on traffic) daily is so much lost which you can make it more efficient if you are working from home.

Second, Quality Time with Family – my mom is getting old, sometimes when we get to work office-based, we leave early which most of them are yet asleep and comes back late and so, we do not have quality time to talk and enjoy every moment with them while they are yet alive. With Freelancing; working from home especially, even if you are working, you can still get to connect with them.

Third, Save from everything. Laundry (as you don’t have to wear different clothes every day), Water (as you don’t have to shower every day as well. LOL), and Money for food and transportation and a lot more.

Life’s motto:

“All things work together for good – Rom. 8:28”

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