Jay Locsin

FVA Co-Founder and Coach

Coach: Real Estate Virtual Assistance Course
Scope: Nationwide, International
Education: Bachelors in Music (2 years)

Highest Educational Attainment: Bachelors in Music

Freelancing Expertise and Experiences:

  • 6 years in freelancing
  • 10 years in media and real estate experiences
  • 2 years in team management

1. Reason for going home-based.
I wanted to be there for every milestone my sons go through growing up.

2. FVA Coach since
August 2016 I was already helping Grace from the background, REI in Dec. 2017.

3. How many students so far?
200 (REI only)

4. Common students’ challenges in freelancing?
Not having initiative because I know this is very important in their freelancing success.

5. What makes it fulfilling to be an FVA Coach?
When my REI grads are in demand for hiring because many real estate clients need them.

Life’s motto:
Giants are meant to fall.

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