Seven out of 10 riches business owners in the Philippines are actually Chinese. There is something from their work ethics that shape their culture and principles which makes them who they are today.

Let us look at the Chinese business owners, learn from their business ethics and apply them to our freelancing career.

1. Start Small

Before John Gokongwei became the 2nd richest person in the Philippines, founder of Universal Food Robina (UFR), Cebu Pacific, Robinsons Mall, he started selling roasted peanut in their much smaller home. He opened a small stall at the market and laid out good-soaps candles and threads. After each day, he made 20 pesos profit and the earnings he had in the market went into building the business he has today.

Taken from this experience, even big tycoons in the business world start small and just learn to make their business grow. This goes the same in freelancing. There are some freelancers who want to earn big right away without even mastering or growing the necessary skills. Yes, freelancing can give you financial freedom but you have to understand that it is a process. It doesn’t matter if you go for a smaller rate, especially for newbies as long as you are learning, able to hone your craft and market yourself according to your competencies.  Those seasoned top freelancers who are earning big right now also started small and did their best to go up the ladder. Don’t aim for overnight  success in freelancing aim for growth instead, and success will follow. Mind you, even successful businesses nowadays took years to build their brand in the market.

2. Start with What they Have

Chinese businessmen start their business with whatever is in their hands that generate income. It could mean selling clothes, hopia, or anything that they think could be a better source of income with the resources available at hand.

In freelancing, however, maybe what’s available in your hands are the very key towards your freelancing success. Focus on the skill which you think you are capable of doing, master it and do your best to provide quality service with your clients. This helps you grow in your niche and build your portfolio and credential which is necessary to build a strong reputation online.

3. On Top of Their Responsibilities

Running a business is quite risky and requires much time and effort to make it grow. It needs much involvement in running the day to day operations and supervise the goings and outgoings of the business. Thus, this makes the Chinese more hands-on with their businesses to ensure success. They usually train the members of the household to get involved even at an early age.

As freelancers, don’t just take the tasks lightly. Be responsible enough to accomplish the tasks you’ve accepted. Always put your best effort regardless of the pay is big or not. Train yourself to be on top of the responsibilities and treat your clients as treasures. By then, success will follow.

4. Grow the Business Silently

There is a statement, “Work hard in silence, let your success makes the noise” Most businessmen don’t care how they look on the public. They don’t even care about whether they are wearing branded or signature items. What they care about is how to grow their business and make it profitable and giving themselves a treat once the business is already established.

In freelancing, focus on growing your career first in the industry. Build your brand, learn new skills and develop yourself. Use your time to set up your life for the future.

5. Go for a Consistent Flow of Income

When it comes to profit, the Chinese go for a small but consistent flow of income. It doesn’t matter whether they are just earning 10-20 pesos profit per item, as long as they are earning on a regular basis. Because once accumulated, it still create a huge amount.

For freelancers, a lot of  job opportunities offer online Some are project-based, part-time or full-time. Some offer a lower rate of 3$ per hour for at least 2 hours a day. If you think you can still handle multiple clients with just a minimum hours required to grab the opportunity because after all, it can still create a huge margin in your income.  Sadly, some VA’s go for contracts who pays big right away without even mastering the necessary skills. Equip yourself first, master your craft, provide quality service with your clients, and high paying contracts will just follow.

6. Increase Favors Hardwork

Two of the necessary qualities which Chinese business owners value the most are “Sipag at Tiyaga”(Hardwork and Persistence). Hardwork means taking their work seriously and doing it well and rapidly while persistence means refusing to give up.

This two should be on top of the qualities that a freelancer must learn to apprehend and apply aside from being passionate about their work. In the end, hardwork will eventually pay off if you don’t give up.

For the business to be established, this requires time, effort and persistence  so as with freelancing. There no such thing as an overnight success. The more focused you are the greater is the reward of your hardwork.

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