You may be thinking whether you are fit to freelancing, or not. Whatever you are thinking now, it is your mindset that holds you from freelancing. So many hesitations and worries that you forget to see the possibility of becoming a freelancer.

Anybody can be a freelancer, as long as you are willing to thrive and you’re willing to get out from your comfort zone.

Who can start freelancing?

As long as you’re 18 years old and above, you’re qualified. Why is that so? It is because identification cards are required when you verify your accounts. In FVA we have students who are 14-17 years old. We train and equip them with the relevant skills needed in freelancing. And, when they’re at a legal age, they are ready to start freelancing. But, there are also some who are already working, and they were backed up by their parents.

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Reasons that hinder you to freelancing

1. Hesitations

A lot are afraid to to be a freelancer because their fear comes first before starting. You don’t need to worry, because there is a fair game in freelancing. People from different educational attainments regardless of their status, are welcome to start as long as you have the skill to deliver. You will be serving different clients; thus, owning skills and the right character is pivotal.


Another defining factor in freelancing is TIME. Successful freelancers are willing to pay the cost in achieving the dreams of their lives. This means that for you to become a successful freelancer, you need to invest time in everything. Learning the skills and growing it takes time therefore, you need to have the willingness to let go and use your time wisely.

Right now there are a lot of influencers in social media and no matter how successful they are, they started from scratch. Influencers started from zero, they invest time and dedication that’s why they’re successful now.

Now, are you willing to start with #freelancing?




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