Join the FVA Affiliate Program

Earn 10% lifetime commissions from FVA Academy courses sales!

FVA’s Affiliate Initiative in a Nutshell

Join thousands of freelancers and marketers who are earning lifetime commissions as affiliate marketers of one of the highest paying affiliate programs. Refer your friends, colleagues, clients, followers, and fellow freelancers to FVA Academy and earn commissions from courses enrolled from the referrals you make.

Who is the Affiliate Program For?

We welcome freelancers, social media managers, SEO specialists, e-commerce assistants, email marketers, digital marketers, copywriters, bloggers, funnel experts, project managers, virtual assistants, coaches, trainers, and all digital professionals who are interested in advancing FVA’s mission of equipping families one freelancer at a time through our online freelancing courses.

By becoming an FVA affiliate, you’re joining one of the best affiliate programs that have unlimited earnings potential. You will receive the necessary tools to extract maximum value from your affiliate marketing efforts through data, insight, and control.

How to Join and Become an FVA Affiliate?


You will need to apply and pay. Once your affiliate application is approved, you get access to your very own FVA Affiliate Dashboard along with your unique referral link.

Get your own personalized affiliate link

We will provide a link that you will send to those who want to enroll in our courses. That’s where your income is also tracked.


Get access to your affiliate dashboard where you can manage and monitor your earnings!

Registration Fee


Good for 1 month trial

Annual Fee


After the Trial

What are the Perks?


for the 251+ courses sale (Gold Seller)


For the 101-250 courses sale (Silver Seller)


For each 1-100 courses sale (Bronze Seller)

What are the Benefits?

Gold Sellers

Free 2 FVA merch, and 3 courses of choice for Gold Sellers (at least 251 course sale)

Silver Sellers

Free 2 FVA merch, and 2 courses of choice for Silver Sellers (reaching 250- course sale)

Bronze Sellers

Free 2 FVA merch and 1 course of choice for Bronze Sellers (reaching 100- course sale)

Join the FVA Affiliate Marketing Initiative Today!

Earn 10% lifetime commissions from FVA Academy enrolled courses under your referrals.

Do you Have any Questions?

Please take a look at our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and AFFILIATE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. If you didn’t find what you are looking for, our affiliate marketing managers are here and ready to discuss any questions, concerns or collaboration ideas you have concerning the FVA Affiliate Marketing Initiative. Please feel free to reach out to us directly via our email: [email protected].